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Work from home clothes – autumn

What do you add to your work from home clothes now there’s a nip in the air?

Work from home clothes - autumnWell, I’ve been trying my best to deny the arrival of autumn, but I’ve finally had to concede the weather is definitely nippy, and adapt my work from home clothes accordingly. I’ve changed my cropped trousers for jeans and added a fleece over my linen shirts.

It’s been so hot this summer, and I’m not good in the heat, so I’m actually enjoying being cool for a while. And hoping it’s not going to tip over into being cold too soon.

I’ve also exchanged sandals for shoes and been wearing trainer liners in my plimsolls. I’ve been looking glumly at my feet and thinking this is the last coat of nail polish on my toes. It never seems worth the bother when they are enclosed in shoes and socks.

Every year I hang on to summer clothes as long as possible as there are months ahead for winter stuff and I’m sick of it long before spring starts to show up. My sheepskin boots are still in the cupboard and I’m hoping not to get them out before the end of the month!

Soon the linen tops will be replaced by T shirts and the number of layers will increase. I find my attention is being drawn by cosy gilets. There was one in the window of Brora in Bath yesterday, but I kept walking – just as well, I’ve just looked it up online and it costs £425!!

In recent tweets @emswindsor, one of our stylish home workers, said she’s already added thermals to her work from home clothes, and @KayHealdHR has been wearing her Turtle Dove fingerless gloves.

If you have an old 100% cashmere jumper that’s shrunk or is moth-eaten, but you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of it, you can send it to Turtle Doves and they will make you a free pair of fingerless gloves out of it and re-use the rest. Great idea, and the gloves really do make a big difference to chilly keyboard fingers – I hardly took mine off last winter.

Do you enjoy the approach of autumn and starting to wear cosy jumpers? How do your work from home clothes change with the season? Maybe you have a favourite piece you wear all the time and miss when it’s in the wash?

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  1. Jem says:

    I’ve got a pair of Turtle Doves fingerless gloves I bought last winter and they are fab for the chilly days. Nothing worse than cold fingers when you’re trying to get through a lot of typing.

  2. And they seem to make a difference to body heat as a whole, Jem. They’re definitely a fixture in my cold weather home working wardrobe!