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Your skill or knowledge can earn you money at home

Earn at home with a new website for tutors

Earn money from home - Woman at desk It’s now easier than ever to earn an income at home, and today’s sponsored post from LearnCliki outlines how you can become part of their community of tutors:

The modern working world means that we’re no longer forced to measure personal success on the basis of securing a 9 – 5 job in a city-bound workplace.

The world is changing and so is the way we work and earn money. Welcome to the 21st century. The place where the old rules no longer apply so rigidly.

We don’t have to camouflage our true selves in pinstripes and brogues to keep the wolf from the door any longer. Modern times require a much more modern school of thought.

Our busy 21st century lives mean in 2013 we aren’t always able, don’t always want or often don’t need to work the strict 9-5 regime established centuries ago when the world was a completely different place.

This century is all about flexibility. Today we work to live. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself. And the modern workplace, be that at home or somewhere else, is shifting shape to accommodate that thoroughly modern sea-change.

So, your skill or knowledge doesn’t have to be packaged in antique attitudes to reap rich rewards.

These days there is an entire movement dedicated to people working from the comfort of their own homes, a new working environment that simply wouldn’t have been accepted 20 years ago.

Working at home opens brand new doors and opportunities not only for people who want to earn some extra money in their spare time, but also for those who may have thought that conventional employment might not be possible.

From stay-at-home mums and dads, to people with mobility issues who don’t need the hassle of travelling, people who have retired and want to earn money in their spare time, or those just starting out in business.

If you have a particular skill you’d like to share with the world, and a dream of monetising it, well, now you can.

We’d all like to earn some extra money from the comfort of our own homes wouldn’t we?

And that’s what has been set up to help you achieve.

This new and unique website allows you to sign up as a tutor and impart your knowledge in a particular area to willing learners.

Go to its website and create a free tutor profile to get started. Specify your area of expertise, the times you’re able to teach and how much you’d like to charge and you’re good to go.

When a learner clicks through to your profile, they’re able to use the built-in messaging service to get in touch with you and set up a lesson via LearnCliki’s integrated live video messaging channel.

From make-up to piano, French to accountancy – allows you to share your hobby or profession in over 100 subjects with budding students all over the country, from your own home.

Patricia Koch, LearnCliki’s managing director says: “LearnCliki is convenient, professional and secure. There are no hidden fees with us. We take 20% of the agreed session fee and invest part of it in marketing and PR to help those who sign up to share their knowledge and find learners. So tutors don’t incur any overheads.

“The 80% of the agreed session fee goes direct to the tutor, so from a £20 session a tutor will receive £16. Plus using us is hassle-free and secure because the money is transferred to us before the lesson and sent on within 24 hrs after successfully completing the lesson.”

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your knowledge and share it with enthusiastic students.

Welcome to the modern world.

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  1. Kelly Ward says:

    Very interesting post Judy, glad I read this 🙂

  2. Suraj kumar says:

    Nice Article Judy
    And yes what i think there will be day when a twelve year kid will say to design a website….. 🙂