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Social media round-up

The latest from home workers on social media

Social media round-upWe’ve been talking about pets a lot on social media lately, about the help with home working they provide, although Andrea Bonacker’s childhood rabbit wouldn’t have made the ideal coworker – she commented on the Facebook photo of Rudolph the home office rabbit ‘Aah, Rudolph is lovely …I used to have one when I was little, he chewed through the phone cables all the time.’

@LynnMoorhouse1’s tweet made me laugh –
Wish I had a garden office, but my usual workspace smells of dog.

On a sadder note there has also been a lot of response on social media to the post inspired by Annette Morris on how difficult it is dealing with the loss of a pet who has been your constant companion through good times and bad.

@VirtuallyDoesIt – Pets are so important in so many lives, it’s comforting to know that others know how you feel =^..^=
Nice emoticon, Katie!

A couple of comments on the blog are worth sharing here. Jackie Osbourne said that she can’t get another dog at the moment but she has come up with a clever solution:

‘I do doggie day care for my other home working friends when they spend time with clients. My four legged guests are a real joy and of course it helps out my friends who work from home!! I don’t charge but do get favours in return – help putting up my new shed, dinners, etc.’ What a brilliant idea for home workers who don’t want the 24/7 commitment a pet demands.

Like many contributors who have grieved for a pet and later found a new fourlegged companion, Elaine Pritchard has now adopted Monkey the greyhound after losing Winnie.

‘We also run a not-for-profit pet bereavement website in our free time called Lost and Fond which we hope helps people to share memories of the pets we have all loved and lost.’

On Google+ Sonja VanderDol commented that when she was in a similar situation to Annette a homeopath friend gave her some Ignatia, a remedy for grief, ‘which definitely took the edge off’.

And to finish on a cheerier note, I tweeted the question ‘How do you cheer yourself up when you’re having a bad home working day?’

@The InvisibleWoman – It’s not for everyone but half a pint of mild with a tot of gin works for me…
There are days when that would come in handy at breakfast.

The extraordinary power of social media is illustrated yet again by @Cherish4You – Thanks to @judyheminsley I’ll be here tomorrow 11-1 for Live Q&A: How to start a #wedding business?  via @guardian

All I did was RT The Guardian’s tweet asking for panel members for their Q&A!

And finally a lovely reminder that even in this complicated age of technology sometimes the simplest things work the best.
@AdeleSoprano – #workingfromhome doing my singing practice – receive a call from someone who heard me next door who wants me 4 a recital!

Thank you for all the fun and information your social media conversations provide, and I look forward to sharing more from you in the near future.

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