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Susannah Conway’s August Break blog challenge

Join me in a photographic blog challenge?

Blog challengeThank you to Melanie Mackie of Scarletta Media for tweeting yesterday about Susannah Conway’s 2013 August Break blog challenge.

I came across Susannah on Twitter a few years ago when she was a photographer living in Bath, and since then she has become a hugely successful blogger, published author and leader of ecourses ‘that help you reconnect to your true self’.

Melanie has completed one of the ecourses and recommends it highly to anyone wanting to improve their writing and photography skills. The August Break is a very informal blog challenge and simply involves taking a photo each day and posting it on your blog, with or without words. Actually you don’t even have to have a blog to take part – you can share your pictures on Instagram and Flickr.

For ages I’ve been meaning to learn how to use A’s camera and find out about photo sharing so this is a timely opportunity. I’m a total novice at photography and the pictures I’ve just seen on the group all look like they could feature in a glossy magazine, so it’s a bit intimidating.

I even managed to click in the wrong place when I was adding my avatar to the list so it’s come out with the top of my head missing. That’s how talented I am at photography 🙁

And I’m already wondering what on earth to take a picture of, but Susannah has provided a prompt for each day so you’re never stuck. Today the prompt is circles, but as usual A has helped me out and I’ve decided to snap the jug of mint in the kitchen.

Trimmings from the pot outside that was getting unruly but were too good to waste. They provide a pretty green splash of colour and a couple of leaves nipped off give a refreshing taste and fragrance to the glass of water I keep next to me all day. (The only time of year I ever drink as much water as we’re told we should).

The first shots were of the jug in situ but they were too dark. So I moved it onto the window sill and the photo was better, but lo and behold, there was a dead fly in the corner.

Having wiped the window sill and put the jug back, a little red thing started flashing on the screen. What’s that? Ah, the battery’s running out. So I grabbed this shot just before the camera switched off. Crikey, I’ve learnt a lot already!

Are you up for a photographic blog challenge? Let me know if you are so I can look at your photos. One thing is certain, they’re going to be a lot better than mine. I just hope I soon improve.

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  1. Debbie in London says:

    Welcome aboard August break! This is my third year and I am not a photographer, I have a nice DSLR I bought myself but am still just using it to point and shoot. I am always promising myself I’ll learn to use it properly.

    I like your photo, that’s a pretty jug. I’m drinking my water this summer with chunks of lemon and lime.

    • Thanks, Debbie. I’ve taken the weekend off, but tomorrow I must get snapping again! I’ve also bought Susannah’s book This I Know and can’t wait to get reading. I’ll have a look at your photos when I have a moment.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been putting slices of lemon in my water too. Amazing how strong the flavour gets if you leave it for a while!

  2. Love the jug of mint . . . I can almost smell it.