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17 top people for home workers to follow on Twitter

Wondering who to follow on Twitter? Check out my list of favourites

Good people for home workers to follow on TwitterIt’s coming up to four years since I started to tweet and 21,000 tweets later I’m still hooked. Impossible to recall how much great information (well, Jelly for one) and how many fascinating people I’ve come across during that time. If you’re just starting out or your list needs some refreshing, here in no particular order is my current list of top tweeps to follow on Twitter, and why:

  • @freelanceadvice – encyclopedia of sound advice for freelancers, including tips that editor Jon Norris has learnt from his dog!
  • @CorrinaGB – self-employment coach offering marketing help so you attract more clients and earn more. Founder of increasingly popular You Inspire Me meet-ups in London.
  • @TheWomensRoom – great site to browse during your coffee break, covering fashion, art, health, motherhood and other subjects close to the heart of my readers.
  • @f_dragonfly – Francesca has an unbounded knowledge of everything IT a home worker could possibly want to know, and manages to explain it in a non-geeky way.
  • @nickwilliams1 – encouraging words of wisdom from the founder of Inspired Entrepreneur far superior to the usual ‘motivational’ social media quotes.
  • @NigelSlater – mouthwatering photos, simple recipe suggestions and uncommon Twitter courtesy to all who engage and RT.
  • @seemanaboutblog – this is my partner A’s down-to-earth help with blogging and SEO. He cut his teeth helping me with WfHW so if anyone understands how to calm the technically terrified…
  • @women_unlimited – for links to articles on every aspect of running a business, plus details of courses and events for businesswomen.
  • @minimaldesks – endless browsing opportunities from this selection of gorgeous workspaces from around the world.
  • @joblessmuse – Barbara Winter is a passionate advocate of being ‘joyfully jobless’ and unearths quirky tales about the self-employed life.
  • @ScarlettaMedia – Melanie Mackie helps you develop creative social media marketing with purpose and personality so no wonder she’s good at Twitter!
  • @Queen_UK – irreverent insights into the mind of the ‘monarch’, her thoughts on the antics of her family and government, and reliable reminders of Gin O’Clock.
  • @gdnsmallbiz – The Guardian Small Business Network, including the Home Business Hub. Advice from well-known names and small business owners (including me), plus regular forums.
  • @Joannechocolat – bestselling novelist whose writing Shed magically changes form every day. Plus occasional tweeted stories so get comfortable in that office chair…
  • @freeagent – terrified of accounting? Links to jargon-free posts on essential subjects such as what to claim when travelling on business and how to deal with late payers.
  • @Sartorialist – street fashion blogger who links to fabulous pics of the super-stylish, on the street and on the catwalk – the former are my faves by far.
  • @WorkSnug – helpful, practical tweets on getting the best from mobile working, including finding coffee shops, libraries, coworking spaces etc via the WorkSnug app.

Who are your favourite people to follow on Twitter? Leave us a comment to share your best resources and the fun places that lighten your home working day.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Well I’ve just followed a few on that list, thanks for this Judy – some great recommendations.

  2. Thanks Judy really appreciated and delighted to be on your list – I have followed some of the others who you’ve recommended that I am not already following 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    What a great list! Thanks Judy – lots of new follows for me here 🙂