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A tour of my home workspace

Taster of new workspace series starting soon

A tour of my home workspaceLast week I took part in my first Google Hangout with Julie Hall of Women Unlimited Worldwide on the challenges of working from home. This week I’m attempting to go against type as the world’s slowest adopter by making a short video of my home workspace:

And, yes, I did tidy up first and put piles of paper on the floor before starting! Not to make myself look good, of course, but purely so you can see my desk and surfaces properly 😉

Looking at my workspace through the eyes of a reader makes me see all the changes I’d like to make. A filing cabinet is essential, because it swallows so much paper, but I’d rather like a colourful one rather than the dull institutional grey. You see, I set up a home workspace more than 20 years ago, when there just wasn’t the choice of furniture that’s available now.

On the Hangout we discussed the importance of colour in a workspace and the only splash of colour I currently have is my bright blue chair, chosen because the logo for my cleaning business was that clear shade of blue.

I don’t have any pictures on the walls because we don’t want to make holes that will have to be filled when we move out. In winter I often have a plant or flowers on the window sill but at the moment the trees outside fill the window, and if I bend to the right a bit I can see a gorgeous pink rose climbing up an apple tree.

As I say in the video, later this week we will be starting a new series here on the blog, in which you’ll get a better look at readers’ home workspaces than the Home Office galleries allow.

I’m saying no more, just join us soon when we’ll be going through the home office keyhole!

And in the meantime, tell us what you like and dislike about your home workspace, and do get in touch if you’d like to share it on the blog.

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  1. Alan says:

    Great idea for a new series, thanks for taking us around your home working space!

    • As so often happens, Alan, it was a reader who inspired this new series with a short tweet conversation we had a couple of weeks ago. They will be starting us off later this week – should be fun 🙂