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What to do when you’re feeling stuck

Feeling stuck? Try getting away!

What to do when you're feeling stuckSitting at your desk turning over a problem again and again isn’t likely to resolve anything when you’re feeling stuck, but removing yourself, both physically and mentally, often works wonders. Depending on the extent of the stuckness you could:

1. Do some housework. There’s something about getting up from the desk and letting go of the problem that frees your mind. I find something energetic is best, like a whirl round the house with the hoover, or putting plenty of elbow grease into cleaning the bath.

2. Go for a walk. Moving your limbs helps to get the cogs in the brain moving too. A brisk walk takes away that deadened feeling that comes with feeling stuck.

3. Take a break/do your shopping/go to the Post Office/do your errands earlier than planned. OK, so you have a carefully planned routine for maximum productivity and minimum opportunity to slack. But today it’s not working, so don’t waste time sitting there feeling stuck, mix things up and you’ll come back feeling refreshed.

4. Go out for a coffee, watch people, read the paper. I know that working from home gets stale for me when I haven’t been among other people for a while. You don’t need a meeting or networking event as a reason to get out of the home office, just sitting in a public place like a coffee shop and being part of human activity is energising.

5. Take the day off. Only you can decide how much of a break you need and where it starts to become procrastination. I’m pretty sure your conscience will step in and give you a clear message! Maybe it’s best to write off the rest of the day and come back with a clear mind tomorrow.

6. Do something different at the weekend. Drive to a nearby town you don’t usually go to, invite friends round for a meal, visit a local museum or stately home you normally ignore just because it’s on the doorstep.

7. Book a holiday. Maybe you’re getting run down and need a proper break. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Pay a visit to those friends or relations you don’t see enough of, or check out Air BnB for good value accommodation.

If you fancy a London break, I can recommend a double room in an architect’s apartment in Southwark for just £49 a night! I find a few days in the capital always gives me a lift and lots of new ideas.

What remedies have you found for feeling stuck? Tell us what gets you inspired and recharged.

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  1. I do something a bit challenging that has nothing to do with work, in work time.

    That tricky bread recipe, croissants, dusting that bit of the ceiling that requires circus acrobatics to get to, the yoga pose you have been meaning to practice, getting out a mat and lying on the floor (you keep saying you should take up relaxing more)… etc.

    I also look at my environment first. Is there something blocking, and feeling stuck – which is just a feeling after all – is more to do with that. I’d found it hard to work for a few days and yesterday moved my pet lemon grass back into the office. I figured it can’t get more light in the living room with those clouds, so let’s see if I get my mojo back.

    I did, and I LOVE my lemon grass. I do draw the line at giving it a name though!

    • I’m a great believer in decluttering for mental clarity. Doing a bit of dusting or filing always makes me feel more efficient and ready to tackle the job at hand.
      I think it’s time we saw this lemon grass – how about a photo 🙂

  2. Workers Compensation Canton OH says:

    I am a fan of your first 2 suggestions. When you go for a walk it seems to get the blood flowing and they do say that exercise releases endorphins so naturally you might feel better after a nice walk. At least with cleaning the house, even if the problem you’re working on is still difficult once you get back to it, you now have a nice tidy environment to work in, which I’ve always found a cluttered environment can make you feel like you have a cluttered mind.

  3. Ismail N says:

    For me, it’s sports whether soccer, badminton, futsal or just a jog around the park. Those really helps to freshen my mind.