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Do home workers have bank holidays?

How do you spend bank holidays?

Bank holidaysHere in the UK we’re approaching another bank holiday.

Bank holidays came about in the nineteenth century when paid holidays were unheard of and most people worked pretty much all the time.

Some people think that bank holidays are redundant now that employees get ample paid leave for holidays and other reasons.

And how many home workers actually observe bank holidays at all? I know lots of people appreciate the peace and quiet of those days, and like to get on with work knowing they won’t be disturbed by phone calls and queries.

Perhaps not quite so easy if you have children, as so many events take place on bank holidays. Do you treat them as any other weekday, or maybe as a more relaxed day when you can start later and finish early, with a bit of family time thrown in?

A and I often end up working on bank holidays in order to avoid the crowds at popular destinations and the traffic clogging the major roads. We don’t have children and enjoy being able to do things differently to the majority. Why do the same thing at the same time as lots of others when you can take another day off during the week and have a nicer experience?

Although the weather was so nice at the beginning of May that we spent most of the day tidying up the garden and then sitting outside enjoying our efforts. But you can usually count on the weather on bank holidays being stereotypically bad and British as everyone picnics in the drizzle!

Where will you be this bank holiday? At your desk or at the beach?

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  1. I have a long weekend as due to my partner’s caring commitments we’re not able to go on holiday or short breaks.

    I do things I wouldn’t normally have time for. May tick making croissants off my list.

    • That sounds like a nice idea, Rosie. I’ve just given my office a thorough clean and got rid of some old paperwork, which I hope will raise my energy a bit!

  2. Most definitely not working, it usually takes me until Saturday lunchtime to start winding down for the weekend and switch off mentally, so having a Bank Holiday Monday is totally and added bonus and Mr Scarletta and I can go out and do something nice rather than stuff around the house that we don’t get time to do during the week! All we need is some sun and a dry day and that will be an even better bonus!

    • Well, it’s dry here so far, Melanie, so I hope the showers are staying away wherever you are. In fact I think it’s time we went out and got some fresh air, we’ve been office-bound too long.