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Combining business and baby

Marisol of Caradiaz Jewellery on juggling her business and baby

Work from Home Wisdom - business and baby, Marisol Douglas, CaradiazIn May last year Marisol Douglas of the Caradiaz Jewellery website talked to us about what it was like working from home during pregnancy. Marisol is now the proud mother of a baby boy as well as a little girl, and is back to report on how both business and baby are progressing:

How quickly did you get into a routine with your new baby and little girl?
We were quite lucky in that my eldest started school days after the baby was born, so the new routine kind of fell into place by itself. My daily routine goes like this: school run, baby nap = work, lunch, baby play or nap = work, school run, family time, dinner, kids in bed and one final check at work.

How do you combine business and baby?
When my first one was born, I thought things would be easy. She was a true sleeper, so I could get a lot done during her nap times (2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon). However, as she grew up and needed less naps, I had to reorganise myself. I realised I couldn’t do any work when she was playing and running around.
But rather than getting stressed about it, I decided to split my time so I could do things with her in the morning and leave work for the afternoon, whilst she rested. One of the best things about running an online business is that you can do things in your own time. So as long as all queries and orders are dealt with on the day, it’s OK. Once she went to nursery, things became easier, of course.
So the plan with the second one is the same: quality time with him when he is awake and work whilst he sleeps, until he goes to nursery next year.

Has the baby changed you and/or how you deal with business?
Definitely! A child changes your life completely and, whilst the first time around I found it hard to readjust, this time I know how it works and I’m more relaxed about it all. My To Do List may not be fully ticked off by the end of the day but, as long as the children are happy and well and any urgent business stuff is sorted, it’s not the end of the world.

What’s the best advice you’d give to new home working mothers now you’ve been in that situation twice?
Two things really: first and foremost, look after yourself. You won’t be any good to your family and/or your business if you exhaust yourself. So make sure you eat and sleep well to build up the energy.
Secondly, don’t wait until you’ve sunk to make changes to your routine. If you feel you have too much on your plate, take a step back and try to see what you could do differently to improve things. Getting out of the house and talking to other working mums may help – you’re not alone!

Marisol runs, a UK-based online jewellery shop selling unique yet affordable pieces of jewellery she designs herself, like the one she’s wearing in the photo above.

Do you have any tips to share on looking after both business and baby? What were your experiences of working from home after your baby was born?

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  1. Caradiaz says:

    Always a pleasure to be a guest on your blog, Judy. Many thanks.

  2. Very inspirational. I have been weighing the options of working at home in preparation for the arrival of my son. I hope it works out as it did for you Marisol. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Caradiaz says:

    Thank you for your comment, Doreen, and best of luck with the new arrival. I hope it all goes well.