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Working away from home – what’s in your bag? Part 6

Kerry Law, London PR

Work from Home Wisdom - working away from home - What's in Your Bag? Kerry Law

Kerry Law runs runs KL PR + Communications offering PR and communications support and advice to organisations big and small. She is our regular guest blogger on PR, providing well-received tips on subjects such as PR for home business and writing press releases.

Kerry opened her bag during a hectic week working away from home for the Museum of London’s new Michael Caine exhibition:

I mainly work from home but am often out and about if I’m running a press launch, meeting clients or blogging about events. I tipped out the contents of my bag and then artfully re-arranged them:

I do a lot of writing, whether it’s drafting press releases or writing features, and typing on a touch screen device is too cumbersome – I need a proper keyboard! My small HP just about fits into my (also small) bag, which is perfect.

You can’t beat a good old-fashioned notebook and pen. Sometimes you really do need a break from staring at an electronic screen and remember what your handwriting looks like! My notebook is full of ‘To Do’ lists, ideas for blog posts or PR stories, notes from meetings…I’m aware you can download apps for this sort of thing but it really doesn’t compete I’m afraid! This version is in my current favourite colour, neon yellow.

Newspapers and magazines

I wouldn’t be a very good PR if I didn’t read the latest newspapers and magazines – luckily, I’m also a bit of a news junkie so am always grabbing the numerous free sheets available on the London streets. As I read the news and features like any other interested reader, I’m simultaneously scanning content for names of journalists so I can keep on top of who’s writing what. I’m also seeking out potential coverage opportunities for my clients. You should never be snobbish about newspapers – alongside your favourites, you have to read the others (even if you’re not a fan of their approach) to get a rounded perspective on what millions of other people read every day!

Essential for the obvious reasons, but also includes useful things such as my membership card for co-working club Central Working (great if I need to pop in for a couple of hours), and various passes for museums and galleries (a few of my clients) – that can help to pass some unscheduled time between appointments.

Oyster card and holder
Another essential when you’re living and working in London – just think how much MORE expensive it would be without… I love my card holder by Modern Toss (I’ve helpfully covered up the rude words).

The only bit of Apple kit in my bag (my ‘much better and cheaper than Apple’ Samsung Galaxy S2 isn’t pictured as it’s taking this photo). My iPod adds a soundtrack to those dull tube journeys.

USB stick
I don’t tend to use this very often – I’m a huge fan of Dropbox and run most of my business from it – but if I can’t access it and need to take information like large image or video files, this does the trick. (This one is branded ‘BBC London 2012 Olympics’ – hope they got permission for that…!).

Mirror and lip-balm
It does help to check that your make-up hasn’t slid down your face before you meet a client or go into an event. Lip-balm has been ever present during this chilly winter (the number of make-up products in my bag does depend on how long the day will be…).

I want to be able to get back in at night.

What’s in your bag when you’re working away from home? Send me a photo and a description of the contents of your mobile working bag and I’ll publish them here with a link to your site or blog.

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  1. Sharon says:

    very true – nothing like proper pen and paper sometimes 🙂

  2. Yes. Delighted that I’m not the only one that appreciates a good notebook and pen sometimes. I love my gadgets but sometimes the act of writing sparks ideas itself. I confess I also keep a desk diary. I’ve heard too many stories of appointments going missing as devices are synced.

    • You’re right, Elaine, moving the hand with a pen in it sems to activate the brain in a way that typing doesn’t. I can’t imagine going fully electronic either!