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Working away from home – what’s in your bag? Part 5

We catch inspirationalist Sarah Clive after Cumbria Jelly

Work from Home Wisdom - working away from home, Sarah Clive

Sarah is an inspirationalist at Sarah Clive – Life’s too short, where she’s a woman on a mission to help people do the things that they’ve always wanted to, whether that’s public speaking, swimming with sharks or launching a business:

Here’s a pic of the contents of my bag after working away from home at Cumbria Jelly this morning:

The bag itself – I suffer from big-bag-itis. I often think you could probably fit the kitchen sink in there with a bit of work. I absolutely refuse to put my laptop in a dull, boring black rucksack so I use my Cath Kidston satchel whenever I’m working away from home and taking my laptop. It’s waterproof, pretty and can fit in my laptop and all of my stuff 🙂

Laptop – Sometimes I take the laptop if I have specific work that needs doing that I can’t do on any of my other devices but it’s quite bulky so I often leave it behind if I can get away with it.

Ipad – I don’t go working away from home without it. Between email, my Kindle app and my Dropbox app it has everything I need for a day out of the office, whether it’s worktime or playtime!

Diary – I’m slightly old fashioned and tend to do all my planning in an old fashioned paper diary, and often write out to do lists for each day. I’d be lost without it!

Notebook & pen – I love to brainstorm and often find myself in a coffee shop or on a train with my notebook out plotting down new ideas, or working out how an idea is going to fit together.

Business cards
– Obligtory, you never know who you’ll meet when you’re out working away from home! I’m on my last batch of these ones so my next lot will be using my new branding. I’m really excited about that.

Wallet – Goes everywhere with me and contains everything you could possibly imagine including random scraps of paper with ideas on that I have when I’m out and about without my work bag!

Iphone – Quite lost without it. Literally! It’s got my satnav on there!

Tissues – You never know when you’ll need an emergency tissue. Used mostly for mopping up tea spillages.

White tiger balm – I do tend to get a lot of headaches, and rather than relying on paracetamol I rub this on my forehead. It feels quite cool and soothing, which really does help.

Emergency makeup kit – I quite regularly find myself dashing out so the emergency makeup kit is an essential in getting me to meetings looking healthy!

What’s in your bag when you’re working away from home? Send me a photo and a description of the contents of your mobile working bag and I’ll publish them here with a link to your site or blog.

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