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Working away from home – what’s in your bag? Part 4

We pick the pockets of Sharon Jackson, digital life consultant

Work from Home Wisdom - working away from home, Sharon JacksonThere’s a bit of a twist in the latest in this series about the things home workers take with them when they’re working away from home.

Sharon describes herself as a ‘business ninja, confidence creator and digital geek’! Through Path 42 she offers simple strategies to solve your problems so you can grow your business. She likes working away from home and to get out and about, but she doesn’t like carrying a bag:

‘What’s in your bag, Sharon?’
‘Nothing, I don’t carry one most days.’

I do like handbags, don’t get me wrong, but I have back problems and with the stuff I carry around I was suffering from permanent shoulder droop. Not good.

A few years ago my brother (an uber-geek) bought a coat from the USA which I coveted for a long while. They started making jackets for women a couple of years ago and I am now the proud owner of two SeV jackets. SeV clothing is specially designed to carry your gadgets and other paraphernalia in a balanced and useful way. They make everything from caps, trousers and shirts to hoodies, sports coats and even dresses.

The coat I generally wear in the winter is my black Molly jacket (well, onyx if you go by the colour description on the website). I can carry everything I need for a day out without the bother of a handbag slipping off my shoulder.

Here’s what I have currently in the 17 pockets for working away from home:

lipgloss, paper hankies, lipbalm
small notebook, pen
notecards for ideas, business cards
mobile phone* (Samsung Nexus) plus headphones
Nexus 7 tablet in a purple case
MiFi thingumajig
purse (large)
house/car keys
various receipts and bits of paper that haven’t made it to the filing yet
I’ve had my gloves in there too over winter, plus my husband’s CD that I was taking to a venue.

And I still have a pocket free.

My other jacket is no longer available but it’s specially designed for travel and has all the usual pockets plus an inside band to hold a water bottle and a hidden pocket for added security. The sleeves detach, which is great for walking in summer.

The only time I carry a bag now is when I need my laptop. It’s very freeing. I may have to use a bag again during very warm summer days, but this is Morecambe and there’s not too many of them.

*the phone isn’t in the picture as I was using it to take the picture 🙂

What’s in your bag when you’re working away from home? Send me a photo and a description of the contents of your mobile working bag and I’ll publish them here with a link to your site or blog.

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4 Comments on "Working away from home – what’s in your bag? Part 4"

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  1. I have one of those jackets bookmarked one my want list. Lovely to see someone I know actually has one!

    • That’s great to hear, Rosie, as it’s exactly how I’d like the site to work – home workers sharing bits of advice that save them time and money 🙂

  2. Lisa Thompson says:

    Women’s clothes with pockets! My personal holy grail. I have long loathed the apparently consensus view that you can’t put pockets in women’s clothing because ‘it spoils the line’. Pockets let you carry stuff about without losing use of one or both hands. Thank you so much for picking Sharon’s pockets Judy. Next time some cash floats my way, I’ll be ordering one of these.