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London on a shoestring when you need a break from home working

A day off from home working can pay dividends

Work from Home Wisdom - break from home workingToday’s guest post looks at budget-conscious ways of taking a day off from home working:

You’ve been at home working solid all week, Monday to Friday. You even managed to complete your tasks a bit before the deadlines. Doing something with this coming Friday all of a sudden seems a tempting and realistic option.

Yet you’re still waiting to be paid for that project you completed less than a month ago and the budget is tight. Thankfully, fun doesn’t have to come at exorbitant prices and, especially if you’re living anywhere near the capital, the range of options at little or no price is just huge.

What’s more, even paid visitor attractions can be enjoyed on a budget – for instance, 20 per cent discount vouchers for places like the London Dungeon or the Design Experience are very easy to get your hands on.

But why not look at what’s completely free in the meanwhile. Here are our top 3 of free London attractions.

The National Gallery
Many of London’s best museums are free. Among them, the National Gallery is definitely a must see, both because of the quality and the range of its artworks. Starting from the 13th century, the National Gallery covers the history of painting and timeless 19th century artists such as Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet.
Free of charge, the National Gallery is open 361 days a year. Offering even more for art lovers, the Gallery hosts supplementary paid exhibitions and events all during the year.

Hampstead Heath
Quietly standing north of central London, Hampstead Heath is the best green spot in London for those who want to relax after a busy morning and enjoy a stunning view of the city. Away from the big crowds of the most central areas, this hilly park is not a major tourist attraction, something which makes it an ideal destination if you want to do some outdoor activity in the utmost tranquillity. 
With 16 different sports practised here, you’ll even have a chance to swim in the natural swimming ponds, open from May to September.

Tate Modern
If you’re not that much into outdoor activities or traditional forms of art, some modern art may just be what you’re looking for. London’s most influential centre for modern art, the Tate Modern is hosted in an impressive former power station on the banks of the Thames.
From Picasso to Pollock and Mondrian, all of the 20th century greats are hosted here and can be admired for no money. On top of that, there’s room for the most exciting newcomers as well as regular paid exhibitions taking place all year round.

Getting out and taking in new sights is a great way to get fresh insight and inspiration to go back to home working renewed. What seemed difficult before often comes easily after some time away from the desk. Where are your favourite places to visit for a home working break? What benefits do they bring that make it worthwhile to take a day off?

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  1. Sharon says:

    I always try to take Friday away from the office and web design. I go somewhere “not office” and reflect on my week and plan for the next. I also try to meet up with someone fun to network or chat.