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Happy Home Working Valentine’s Day!

And thank you for all your home working support

Work from Home Wisdom - Happy Home Working Valentine's DayA while ago I ran a series called Thankful Thursday in which I wrote about the many positive things that added colour and interest to my home working life. So this Thursday I’m sending out some Valentine’s Day home working love!

Already this year so many people have helped and contributed in many ways. My Valentine goes to all the home workers who have sent in their home office photos. We have travelled from an artist’s studio in Oregon to an attic on Staten Island, and heard about home working in a perch perfect for bird-watching in Berlin and at a writer’s desk in faraway Lincolnshire!

More Valentine’s love and appreciation to the brave ladies who have opened their mobile working bags for our new series What’s in Your Bag? Francesca Geens included a link in her monthly newsletter and was stunned to get the most clicks she’s ever had! Which just goes to show no matter how good the quality of the information you provide, home workers are curious to know more about what makes you tick!

Flowers to our hardworking panel of home working reviewers, busy testing products and services to find out what value they could bring to your home office. Check out what they made of the Plantronics speakerphone.

And a big red Valentine’s heart to our interviewees. They have told us about the tough decision to start home working in a recession, despite well-meant ‘advice’ from family and friends, and what it’s like to paint cows and organise pottery exhibitions. Barbara Winter, the well-known and much-loved advocate of self-employment has recalled her early days of home working, and provided a popular guest post on the things she wishes she’d known before we started. A virtual chocolate heart to Barbara!

And more chocolate to our regular guest bloggers Claire Habel, Melanie Mackie and Kerry Law for their practical tips on marketing and business planning, social media and PR. All spend time home working and know just what we need to move our businesses forward.

And finally, but by no means least, much appreciation to the first of our readers to contribute guest posts. Catherine Poole has demystified the process of finding your niche, which worries a lot of new home workers. And Anthony Chatfield has begun his list of 13 ways of wasting time while he should be busy home working. He will be back soon to finish his confession, and there are many more guest blogs, interviews, reviews and photos in the pipeline. Even a jacket opener revealing what they tuck away in their pockets when working away from home!

A big thank you and Happy Home Working Valentine’s Day to you all 🙂

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  1. Thanks Judy and Happy Homeworkers Valentines Day to you too 🙂

  2. Thanks Judy – an honor to be featured on the site 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day and since it’s almost friday, have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the mention Judy and the clicking through to the handbag continues! 😉

    • Judy says:

      That’s good to hear!

      If you like the idea of opening your bag, please tweet me @judyheminsley – the contact form is playing up and not passing me messages 🙁

  4. Tarin says:

    Happy Valentine’s day to all. I enjoyed the linky about the 13 ways of wasting time.. Sounds great to me.