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Are you and your home business easy to find online?

How to make sure your home business can be found quickly

by Melanie Mackie

Work from Home Wisdom - is your home business easy to find on-line?
If you use social media to help market your home business, how easy do you make it for other people to find you on-line?

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to let people know exactly where you are:

  • Start by taking a look at your home business website or blog and ensure you have given your visitors links that take them straight to your social media accounts via your contact page.
  • If you are a LinkedIn user, optimise your profile by adding up to three separate website URL’s within your personal profile. For example this could be a link back to your website/blog, your Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also do Twitter separately if you wish which leaves one spare.
  • On your Twitter page add your website or blog link to your page. This link doesn’t need to take up precious space within your Twitter bio so make sure you take full advantage here.
  • The about page on Facebook business pages is often overlooked. You can add as much information as possible here about your home business and in addition to your website URL you can add all your social media links too.

So this helps to take care of things online and people can choose the best place to connect with you, or decide to join you on every social network if they want to. All at the click of a button.

Emails are often forgotten about and this is where everyone communicates continuously with several people on a daily basis. This is a perfect place to remind your contacts of where to find you.

  • Get your emails working to promote your social media accounts by adding them to your email auto signature. Every time you send an email the recipient will see where else you are on-line.
  • Don’t forget any printed marketing materials you use for your home business. Leaflets, business cards, letterhead paper and compliment slips can all include your social media details.
  • And finally if you do have the space make sure you share your Twitter handle @name and Facebook page rather than Follow us on Twitter or Find us on Facebook.
  • By following all of the above it couldn’t get any easier for you to raise your home business visibility on-line and take the hard work out of promoting your social media activity and accounts.

    And you’ve made it as simple as possible for your clients and customers to find you quickly and easily.

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    Melanie Mackie runs Scarletta Media, a social media marketing consultancy. She shows business owners, solopreneurs and SMEs how to be social and integrate social media marketing into their business.

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2 Comments on "Are you and your home business easy to find online?"

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  1. Rosie says:

    I regularly need to find people only from a name and Google (they don’t take business cards to a networking event). It’s amazing actually how difficult it can be. A pet one is when people don’t put the name/page/site of their business on their FB profile.

    • I find that too, Rosie, when I’m posting something on FB and would like to tag the person I mention. And fewer people than you’d imagine have a name unusual enough to be immediately obvious on Google! Present company excepted, of course!