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Work from Home Wisdom top posts of 2012

Work from Home Wisdom - Top 10 tips for working from homeThis is traditionally the season to review what happened last year and I’ve been looking at the most popular posts on Work from Home Wisdom in 2012.

I don’t know about you, but I find all the time that where the internet is concerned, what seems intuitively right is usually quite wrong! The things that work best often pop up without planning and that is certainly the case with

The top four Work from Home Wisdom posts of 2012

1. What’s your favourite mail-sign-off?

This post was the result of an email exchange with Charlie Dalton of Smart Garden Offices, who wrote ‘What’s the best way to sign off an email? I never know, and secretly wonder if I get it horribly wrong :-)’

His question made me realise I was never quite sure either, and it transpired from all the comments that neither was anyone else! It was so clear-cut in the days of letter writing; there were rules you were expected to follow. But now it’s a free-for-all. Have you got a clever new sign-off for 2013?

2. Top 10 working from home tips

Coming in at number 2 we have Rosie Bray’s beautiful infographic of the 10 things she had discovered during her first year of self-employment as a photographer. I’m taking the opportunity to show it again here as it’s packed with useful information to help you work from home.

3. Working from home and how it affects house insurance

This is the only guest blog in the top four, provided by at a time when we were discussing client meetings, where to hold them, and whether home insurance would be affected. It’s obviously a topic of constant interest and will be back soon with more down-to-earth information on making sure you’re properly covered.

4. Home working boundaries

The post about creating boundaries when you work from home was inspired by a comment accountant Rosie Slosek made on a previous blog, which I asked her to elaborate on. Rosie runs three businesses from one room with her partner so knows a lot about separating work and home life!

So three out of the four top posts last year were from ideas supplied by readers, and you could be one of our top posts in 2013! Just get in touch if you have ideas for a post.

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