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Home office climate control

A new way to heat the home office and house

Work from Home Wisdom - home office climate controlToday’s guest post introduces a new way of heating your home so you stay warm in the home office:

The annual home heating switch-on now tends to be greeted with a nationwide groan as the price of energy soars to record levels. Across the world people are leaving it later and later to turn the heating on and many attempt to do away with it altogether. People who work from home are looking for economical ways to keep warm all day in the home office.

But the good news is that you can fight back. There are numerous ways in which you can battle against the elements and make your home warmer without absolutely breaking the bank. For instance, you could run through a DIY checklist and reseal your windows and doors, check the insulation in the loft and the walls, and be vigilant against draughts.

You could also think about investing in new heating solutions. Obviously it’s not ideal to have to splash out on a new boiler but it is possible to improve your heating situation without that headache. Air convertors, such as the Unico air conditioning units, are state of the art, ultra-modern solutions to home climate control.

Most air conditioners work on the blueprint of using an outdoor unit to help convert the air. However, air converters work without the need of an outdoor unit making them low impact and convenient. Unico units are possibly the pick of the bunch as they work efficiently and with almost no noise.

The best thing of all is that there is almost no waiting for the temperature to change (no need for a boiler to warm up) and soon you’ll be exactly as warm as you need to be.

Traditionally, heating the home for winter was welcomed as the first cosy sign of a family-filled season. Now, with convenient and low cost air converters, you can grab back that cosy feeling, in your home office and throughout the house, without worrying about the bill.

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  1. Laura says:

    If you can afford the outlay for solar panels, they are ideal for those of us who work from home, as power is generated during the working day. Which means any electricity you use to heat the place, and for small power (i.e. your laptop etc) is given freely by the sun.