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The smartphone as a work from home tool

Work from home more productively

Work from Home Wisdom - smartphonesHave you contemplated using a smartphone when you work from home? Today’s guest post suggests why it might be a good idea:

Many people today have jobs that allow them to work from home. However, they must also have some sort of technology to help connect them to associates and perhaps their place of employment if they are part of a larger company. Simply being cut off at home isn’t going to be particularly productive and one of the latest pieces of technology being applied for use in the home office to prevent this is the smartphone.

Smartphones from retailers like provide numerous options much like a desktop computer, but these devices are portable and can easily be taken anywhere. This makes it possible to place calls, check email, browse the web, take photos, watch videos and more from anywhere you go, meaning smartphones can be a serious asset for anyone who works from home.

By using a smartphone, work can be accomplished when performing other errands. For instance, if you pick up your children from school, you can complete tasks while waiting in the car park. Having a smartphone at your disposal makes it possible to get more done. It helps you manage your time better and proves that work doesn’t always have to be done in an office environment.

Using a smartphone as a work from home tool also provides a wealth of information at your fingertips since these phones easily connect to the internet, giving you full time access to information online. You may need to reference something to complete a work assignment at any point and the answer will be right there on your phone.

Sometimes when you work from home, you receive time-sensitive emails and by having a smartphone, you can get notifications of new mail so you don’t miss anything important. Most smartphones have settings that permit a special tone to be associated with new mail. With additional apps, certain tones can even be assigned to certain senders. This can make it easier to know when an email arrives from an important contact.

By having a smartphone, all the tools you need and more are at your disposal and you would be much worse off trying to work from home without one.

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