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Home working competition – win a liGo BlueWave worth £100

Share your oddest story about home working communication!

Work from Home Wisdom home working competition - liGo BlueWave

The competition has now closed

Developments in technology enable us to communicate in many ways while we’re home working and recently we reviewed the liGo BlueWave, which lets you make and receive mobile phone calls on any corded or cordless phone in any room in the house.

After some tough testing our no-nonsense home working reviewer gave it 4 stars out of five, and now you can win one, priced at £99.99, to help make your communication easier in 2013.

The prize

The liGo BlueWave enables you to:

  • maintain a professional image by avoiding that desperate search for your mobile when it rings at home and you can’t remember where you left it until you’ve missed the call.
  • avoid having to cut a call short when your battery runs out
  • solve the problem of poor mobile reception at home.
  • cut landline bills by making calls on your home office phone using unlimited mobile minutes.

Click here for more information on how the liGo BlueWave works and how it can help you in the home office.

What you have to do

Sound appealing? All you have to do is leave a comment below this post telling us about the most unusual experience you’ve ever had relating to communication in the course of home working. For example, have you ever:

  • Had to physically chase somebody around town to try and catch them to deliver an essential piece of information?
  • Experienced a communication breakdown that’s had comical or disastrous consequences?
  • Dropped your mobile down the loo or had it stolen?
  • To enter you must be over 18 and a resident of the UK. The competition runs from now until 5 pm on Monday January and only one entry will be considered per home worker. I will inform the lucky winner by email on Tuesday 8 January and you must reply by Friday 11 January in order to claim your prize.

    Share your home working communication stories or nightmares and you might just get 2013 off to a winning start!

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14 Comments on "Home working competition – win a liGo BlueWave worth £100"

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  1. Pete A says:

    I think the worst is when my Mum invaded a SkyPe conference call with work! She was most put out when I hung up on her instead of my colleagues!

  2. Helen says:

    I think the best one was when I was running a webinar for other VAs and mentioned how important it was that you needed to ensure that children weren’t in the room when you were trying to have a business call only for my daughter to turn round and pipe up ‘That’s not fair mummy!’ She was off ill that day and listening in – embarassing!

  3. Alan says:

    The one that springs to mind was when I was holding a skype call with a colleague in Spain, there was a bit of a language barrier, which was fine; but the point at which my colleagues office mates starting trying to get in on the act by coming into the webcam shot, started me laughing. It was a bit like the BBC doing an outside broadcast at a football match with all the fans trying to get their faces on TV. I had no idea I was so popular!

  4. San Sharma says:

    I once hosted an open video chat thing for homeworkers on Enterprise Nation when a new user joined the conversation – and started taking off their clothes in front of their webcam!

  5. gemma blake says:

    I was working from home, as my son was unwell. I got a call from a professor at the university I was hoping to do my masters with, it was an informal interview to see who would be selected for the more formal interviews. My son was flaked out on the sofa so I went upstairs to take the call. I was about halfway through when my son came in and announced at full volume that his tummy hurt, he needed a poo and it was going to be a bad one… Luckily the professor saw the funny side, and I still made it through!

  6. Lisa Anderson says:

    I held a sales meeting over skype to try and sell one of our new products. I had prepared my pitch well and was surprised to see total confusion on the face of the customer. After about 5 minutes I asked him if he had any questions to which he replied “very interesting, now how about that date?” Someone I had been emailing on a dating website decided to call me at the exact same time as my new client! Needless to say I lost the client but went on a great date!

  7. emma dunn says:

    I was really happy i got the S2 in pink on contract, and then i was taking a picture in the bath, and i drooped it on the first day i got it! I tried to say it came like it, but ended up not being able to do anything about it, so had to pay for a 2yrs contract with no new phone 🙁

  8. Diana Cotter says:

    Back in the days of answering machines with tapes, we managed to capture my 5 year old son acting as secretary:
    “Is your mother there?”
    “Who is it please?”
    “Mr Jones”
    “Is that fat Mr Jones or Mr Jones with the annoying voice? If it’s fat Mr Jones, she hasn’t got the money she owes you and she’s not in. If it’s annoying Mr Jones, she’d rather talk to your machine than you. Goodbye.”

  9. janice channer says:

    I think the worst communication disaster was when I was on the phone grovelling to the bank manager… but at the same time trying to feed our chickens out the back garden.. it was crazy trying to multi-task – it was only gonna end in disaster… reached over their water butt to get bowl of food filled back up and sploosh!!!! phone in water butt… chicken and chicken food everywhere!! lol
    funny enough never did get that bank loan 🙂

  10. Gerald ludlow says:

    I was dealing with a new customer on my mobile in the kitchen when I noticed a fox wandering in the garden near to our ducks.
    There was a hell of a commotion going on and I ran into the garden waving and chased off the fox with mobile in hand.
    The customer was oblivious to all this and I still managed to carry on talking to her afterwards.

  11. Tim Church says:

    I work at home by the sea and participate in many telephone conferences. When I was invited to one that I felt I had nothing to contribute to the reason was given that ‘we like to hear the seagulls in the background :-)’.

  12. Barry John says:

    Lol working from home is lovely. I can remember an incident when reviewing the portraits taken of there first child, the couple left my house leaving there mobile phone
    Together with taking my USB fob with all the selected pictures on, in their laptop.
    It involved a long search around terminals 1&2 at manchester airport before all was resolved and the phone and pictures sorted.
    Just found them prior to boarding for Jordan

  13. Jose says:

    The most enjoyable phone call I received came a few months ago. The phone rang, I answered, and it soon become clear the was no one at the other end.. I was listening to inside of someones pocket! I put the call on loud speaker and followed this person around for about 45 minutes. The pocket spoke to this person and that, discussed TV, the weather, their marriage all in surprising clarity from their pocket. I never did find out who they were, nor do I really want to know.

  14. Judy says:

    So that all the entries are in the same place, here’s the entry left by Ming Cheng on 4 Jan on the other blog post about the competition:

    ‘One afternoon during a Skype call, a client call my mobile and my son tried to have a conversation with me at the same time. I ended up muddle all three conversations and telling my son about building regulations, my client on the mobile food is in the fridge and my friend on Skype that I will deliver the drawings to meet the deadline. Needless to say, a complete fail.’