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How to keep warm working from home

Work from Home Wisdom - how to keep warm working from homeThe latest review in the How to Keep Warm section of our product reviews has just been published, and it’s about fingerless gloves.

Turtle Doves make their gloves and other products from old jumpers. If you have an old cashmere jumper with moth holes or stains, but you can’t quite bring yourself to throw it away, you can send it to Turtle Doves and they will make you a pair of fingerless gloves for nothing, if they can re-use the rest of the jumper. What a wonderful idea. Check out the video on their home page for more information.

Yesterday we woke up to unforecasted snow for the second time this year, except this time it was a bit more special in that it only fell in the valley where we live, and a mile up the road there was nothing. The freezing fog that lasted all day meant the trees were coated in a thick layer of white. Very pretty, but not the best conditions for working from home.

Keeping bills down while working from home

Yesterday I tweeted with a couple of people about cutting fuel costs. One of them has a wood burner and gets local businesses with a an excess of wood – second-hand furniture shops, a house clearance company and a fencing company – to drop their spare wood at her house instead of paying to dispose of it. Brilliant! The other tweeter said she was going to send her partner begging for old pallets. We’re an imaginative bunch when it comes to staying warm working from home!

We do quite well out of wood that comes drifting down the river. One of A’s favourite activities is dragging it out and chopping it up for the wood burner. During the heavy rain a couple of weeks ago we lost some logs from the little building where we store them next to the weir when the river rose. But when it went down it left a massive branch in our garden as compensation! But it does need plenty of time to dry out.

How do you stay warm when you’re working from home in the winter? Are you more likely to go out coworking to take advantage of a warm space? Do you visit the library or a cafe more often? All tips gratefully received!

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  1. If I get too cold I get up and do the hoovering or some other cleaning job. That usually gets me warm again! (And the house cleaned too…)

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m wearing a lovely pair of wool fingerless gloves right now. They are absolutely brilliant!

  3. Anne says:

    I like the idea of those gloves, they look lovely, warm and soft. I run up and down the stairs 10 times if I get cold. Plus I work in my tiny spare bedroom, just keeping the door shut helps, until I go down to make tea and realise how cold the house is.

  4. Anne says:

    I’ve got two cats, I’ll have to tuck one under each arm! I’ve tried for years to get them to sit on my feet and keep them warm, but they’re not having any of it, they much prefer the bed.