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Save money setting up your home office

Practical solutions for the home office, large or small

Work from Home Wisdom - save money setting up your home officeToday’s guest post suggests budget-conscious ways to equip a home office of any kind:

With more and more people working from home every year in the UK it comes as little surprise that plenty of houses are starting to get their own home office spaces. This can come in many forms; from the traditional small study and remodelled bedrooms to converted conservatories and outbuildings.

Many people choose to simply work at their dining table, but this may not a long term solution; sooner or later they may have to set up a home office space if they plan on working from home long term.

Remodelling a room into a home office doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The first thing to remember when you’re sorting out the room you want to work in is that it doesn’t have to be like the other offices you’ve worked in. You’ve got a tap in your kitchen – you really don’t need a water cooler. Besides, if nobody else is working in your home with you there won’t be anyone to share a water cooler moment with.

You probably don’t need a fax machine, because nobody faxes anymore. Just because your old office had a scanner doesn’t mean you need one too – it’s an expensive piece of equipment that doesn’t need to be purchased for many people.

It’s important to have the right working atmosphere, but you don’t need to throw money away. Select your purchases carefully and do invest in:

A plant – plants really brighten up a home office space, and it’s a pretty inexpensive way to make everything look that little bit more professional. Does it help with your work? Actually, plants can make you feel a bit better, which when you’re trying to get some work done can really help with your productivity.

Suitable lighting – a desk lamp is perfect to make sure you don’t strain your eyes, and can be relatively inexpensive.

Comfortable seating – if you’re going to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time (and let’s face it, you are), it’s vitally important that the chair you’re sitting in is comfortable.

Get a good quality leather swivel chair, and if you run a business where people gather on a regular basis – B&B, training centre, language school etc – stacking chairs could be perfect. Concerned about space? Invest in a stacking chair trolley so you can wheel them out of the way when necessary. You don’t want to be tripping over things.

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