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Home working photos required

Home working photos like this one needed for this blog.

Work from Home Wisdom - how to lose weight when home workingGood ideas often come from unexpected places and the latest has done exactly that. Usually when I interview home workers I ask for an image of themselves to illustrate the post. Michelle Chapman’s interview was all about putting on weight while home working and how she is tackling it by intermittent fasting.

She didn’t really want to take a picture of herself until she’s shed more weight, so I suggested a photo of a pile of vegetables might be suitable – and pretty straightforward for someone who blogs about vegetable growing!

What Michelle sent me was a beautiful shot of apples she has harvested this year, which is so much nicer than any of the stock photos I normally use that it jolted the old
brain cells into activity.

What I have come up with is this:

Photography used to be a bit of a performance involving planning, posing and lots of retakes. But now people take photos with their mobile phones without a second thought and post them on Facebook, Twitter etc. As usual I’m slightly behind the curve and anyway photography is not one of my natural talents and I don’t have time to learn at the moment.

So, I thought, why not ask keen home working photographers to send me photos suitable for my blog posts, which I will credit at the bottom with a link to your site, blog, or Facebook page – see Michelle’s interview on losing weight while home working here.

It will improve the look of my site, add to the enjoyment of my readers, and give you a little exposure (sorry!) I can’t guarantee using every photo – it depends on how many I get, the subject of the posts etc.

The home working photo categories I’m looking for are:

  • Home office – rooms shots or details of furniture, equipment, books, decor (and don’t forget you can feature on the Home office gallery by sending me a pic along with about 100 words on where you work at home).
  • Food and drink – ingredients and preparation of home working snacks and post-work meals.
  • Home working wardrobe – pictures of you dressed for home working, or if you’re modest, the garments you prefer for home working (you can also submit them for the Home working style pages).
  • Work – meetings, Jelly, business events, coworking, coffee shops.
  • Miscellaneous – anything that catches your eye or pleases you during the home working day eg pets, gardens, views from the train.

    What do you think? Does that sound like something you’d like to do? Let me know and of course start sending your photographs. Please send your photos as a jpeg, along with the link you’d like me to use as a credit and your Twitter name so I can let you know if your photo is published.

    Photo credit: Michelle Chapman, Veg Plotting

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  1. Sandra says:

    What a lovely idea! I am getting the camera out! 🙂