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Setting up a home office: a few tips

Home office essentials

Work from Home Wisdom - setting up a home officeToday’s guest post covers the basics of creating a home office:

There’s a fundamental difference between your home office and a traditional office you go out to work in – there’s no boss at home. As a consequence, this space is your very own and can be customised according to your personal taste.

Unless you’re expecting to have business partners visit you at home frequently, there’s no point in being too formal when setting up a home office. This should be a relaxed environment built around your preferences, one to help your concentration and creativity, rather than a corner reminiscent of a typical office space.

For a start, colour is important – paint the walls with a colour that you like and that makes you feel at home. Brighter, warmer colours are generally more relaxing and are appropriate for offices.  Pastel and cream hues are professional enough without being impersonal.

Then think about the furniture you want in your workspace. Make sure you choose the right furniture by measuring your room (or space) carefully and think carefully where to position each piece. It’s important to have a clear idea of how to organise the space in the room you’ve chosen, so you only buy pieces that will fit well inside it. Allow room to open drawers, push back chairs, and reach the printer etc.

While shopping for office supplies you should be aware of the storage options you have. Printer paper, folders and other essential items all need to be stored where you can easily reach them in a hurry.

Generally speaking, it’s advisable to use a room where light is abundant and to place your desk near the window, so that you’ll often be able to read without even having to turn the lights on.

With some space inevitably taken up by your books and storage, it’s also a sensible idea to leave enough room to move around and maybe add an extra chair or two. A corner with a little kettle or coffee machine is good for your breaks, and will help your productivity when things get stressful.

Finally, add a little bit of personality with objects and pictures that mean something to you. Your home office is an expression of your personality, and how comfortable and productive you feel there depends on how much you make it your own.

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  1. Or in my case, adjust your expectations to working off the chest of drawers in the bedroom!

    One day, one day….

  2. Raina says:

    Great ideas. I live in a lovely but small rental, so my office is really just a large closet with the doors pulled off. I look forward to having a larger space one day, but have very much enjoyed personalizing my cozy little work area. 🙂

    • Judy says:

      I’m not one of those who say you need a separate home office, because I know so many people who don’t have that and work perfectly well without. How about sharing your closet workspace on the gallery, Raina? We’d love to see where you work!