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Home working alone? Think again!

Thanking my home working friends

Work from Home Wisdom - home working aloneSome time ago I ran a short series about the things that made my home working life easier and more enjoyable, and called it Thankful Thursday. Readers joined in to share what was about home working that was inspiring them, making them happy, and making them laugh.

As time went by, I gradually got out of the habit and Thankful Thursday was forgotten. For some reason I remembered it recently and was staggered when I started to count up just how many people there are to be grateful for. Here in no particular order is where I’ve reached on my list:

  • My lovely and wise guest bloggers, who provide their expertise on a range of subjects, each a vital part of making home working successful.
  • The companies who advertise their products and services on the site.
  • My brand new panel of reviewers, testing out things home workers use.
  • And the manufacturers and retailers who supply us with products to review.
  • Readers who comment on blog posts.
  • Subscribers to the monthly Work from Home Tips & ideas.
  • My talented and patient IT adviser, A.
  • Our VA, Harriet, always ready with an idea when mine have dried up.
  • Gavin Eddy of The Old Church School for his energy and encouragement.
  • My Twitter followers who RT my tweets and make me laugh and think in equal measure.
  • Everyone who likes, comments and shares on Facebook.
  • The journalists who have used case studies from Work from Home Wisdom in their articles
  • My network on Linkedin, including you keen, up to the minute people who are endorsing me!
  • Other bloggers who share content and provide occasional, but much-needed bits of help and advice.
  • My Jelly friends all around the UK, and indeed, the world

Looking at this lengthy list, which I’m sure is by no means exhaustive, makes me realise that although home working may sometimes feel like a lonely furrow to plough, it does in fact depend on the contributions and good will of many other people.

Who or what helps you to do what you do, smooths your path, or gives your day a lift on this Thankful Thursday?

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4 Comments on "Home working alone? Think again!"

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  1. Sharon says:

    In reply, I am very thankful for you, your blog & your enthusiasm Judy

  2. Raina Bright says:

    Well, it’s now Friday but I will gladly jump onto the thankfulness train! 🙂 You’re absolutely right. It’s very important to remember all of the people who contribute to your work-at-home success. One of the best things about WAH is that the people you work with are usually so diverse, as they may be located in different places across the globe. What a great job perk! 🙂