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Coffee maker reviews by Work from Home Wisdom

Coffee maker reviews for home workers

Work from Home Wisdom coffee maker reviewsWe’ve started a very exciting new feature on the blog this week – reviews by home workers of products and services for home workers. We started with coffee maker reviews as we believe the making and drinking of coffee is one of the most important parts of the home working day!

Our reviews so far cover the humble filter cone, the cafetiere, the classic moka pot and the Aeropress from the US, not yet well-known this side of the Atlantic. But who knows, home workers might change that.

Each was reviewed for:

  • the appeal of its design
  • ease of use
  • whether it was a pleasant ritual and break from home working
  • easy to clean
  • economical to use
  • the quality of the coffee it produced

A maximum of five stars was awarded for each category, plus an overall score, along with a recommendation as to what it’s ‘Best for’.

The coffee maker reviews have already attracted some interesting comments from home workers with firm views on their coffee and what they want from a maker. We have some electrical machines on the way and will be reporting on those as soon as we can. Meanwhile, pop over to the reviews to see if your personal favourite has scored top marks so far!

Other categories coming up soon are various types of laptop bags for when you need to work away from home, and ways of keeping warm in the home office in winter, subjects that attracted lots of comments when originally mentioned on the blog.

We now have a panel of about 10 intrepid home workers, both male and female, who are up for testing all kinds of bits and pieces required in home working and for reporting back.

We’re looking forward to bringing you lots more reviews in the near future, and meanwhile we’d like to thank Aerobie and Bodum for supplying their wonderful Aeropress and cafetiere for our first coffee maker reviews.

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