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September Work from Home Tips & Ideas

Work from home news & views

Work from Home Wisdom - September Work from Home Tips & IdeasHonestly, where does the time go? The end of another month already and the September issue of Work from Home Tips & Ideas has winged its way to subscribers across the world.

Fortunately much lighter than the September issue of Vogue, traditionally thickly packed with adverts, and this year so heavy in the US that postmen complained delivery was giving them backaches!

Many of you have mentioned lately how much you like autumn, partly because it seems such a good time for change and new starts. I’m pleased to say Work from Home Wisdom has acquired two very welcome new guest bloggers this month.

Francesca Geens of Digital Dragonfly is the ultimate expert on all things tech, but more than that, she explains her subject in plain English even the most IT-phobic can understand. Her post helps you get the best from your home office technology.

Melanie Mackie of Scarletta Media is our new social media expert, and having started to work from home a couple of years ago, writes with real feeling about how social media is a lifeline for her to stay connected with the world outside.

Another first is a blog from a dog! Winnie the home working greyhound was once a successful athlete and after retirement is now a work from home helpmate to Elaine, a freelance writer.

When you work from home you make your own rules and invent your own ways of doing things. In fact it may be that being a bit awkward actually helps with home working!

Do you provide a product or service that’s perfect for home workers? You can work with us in a number of ways to make yourself known among the home working community.

You can subscribe to Work from Home Tips & Ideas by signing up in the green box on the right. Enjoy the coming autumn and any new starts you’re embarking on 🙂

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