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Self-made millionaires infographic

Self-made millionaires – are you in with a chance?

Yahoo! Finance self-made millionaires infographicIn today’s guest post Yahoo! Finance has dug a little deeper to spot some trends among the UK’s 100 richest self-made millionaires, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich list. Personally, I’m delighted that Aquarians are so well represented and that I have some time yet to make my fortune:

The Sunday Times Rich List always makes for interesting reading, and it’s a great source of analysis and trend spotting as well, particularly for financial media. On this occasion Yahoo! Finance offers an infographic insight into the world of the self-made millionaire, which turns to be a more interesting story than expected.

The demographic surveyed for the infographic were among the UK’s Top 100 richest self-made millionaires, and the information broken down provided both predictable results, and some surprises. The money-making routes to fortune unsurprisingly included property, finance, and oil, but in an interesting twist, brewing, fishing, fire protection, and opticians also made it onto the list. 

But how much have these self-made millionaires made in their collective businesses? Wel,l the current figure stands at a collective total of £221,708,000,000. That’s pretty hard to imagine, isn’t it? Although if you did have that amount laid out in £50 notes, you’d be able to cover the whole surface of the earth 1,750 times over. 

Trivia fans may also be interested to know that many of these millionaires are Aquarians, and a massive 93% of them are men. It’s a shame that only 3% of the self-made millionaires on this list are women, although with an impressive 73% of the total analysed being born in Britain, it adds to the wave of patriotism we have experienced with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Unlike inherited wealth though, these millionaires have worked to build up their businesses, and as their average age has been recorded as 61, perhaps that adds weight to the saying that ‘life really does begin at 60’, as the Rich List are no doubt now able to fully enjoy the results of their endeavours. 

With a headline like ‘Making Millions By Numbers’, the Yahoo report is sure to grab your attention, and with its mix of serious analysis and interesting trivia, provides a fun look into a world that few of us may be lucky to enter. It will be interesting to see what surprises pop up in the future, as more self-made millionaires enter the UK’s Top 100.

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  1. 93% !! I knew it would be high but I didn’t think it would be THAT high.

  2. Judy says:

    I know, it’s pretty sobering in 2012.