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Unusual home working jobs – the bag lady

Home working but different

Unusual home working jobs - Sarah Evans, RightbagHi Sarah, fill us in with a little background to start off  
Hello, I have been based in Basingstoke in Hampshire for the last 8 years since I moved down from Lancashire when I met my husband. I have 1 husband (!) two young boys, a dog and a horse. I have quite a few hobbies and love reading all types of literature and biographies and try and read every evening even if it’s just for 10 minutes.
It’s a bit naughty of me to call you the bag lady, but that’s what you are!  How did you get into the bag trade?
I was a stay at home mum for four years and desperate to get my teeth into something so started to look for ideas to work my business brain again. In December 2010 I was searching high and low for a laptop sleeve for my mum and could not find a feminine one anywhere on the high street and the internet was full of very masculine websites full of content but not many images.
This is when I started looking into the tech bag market then extended this to Kindles, iPads and iPhone cases, sleeves and bags. After a few months of trying to get hold of suppliers for the gorgeous products that I had found, I had a basic business plan and found a web designer to design the website and started looking into design etc. By November 2011 the site was live and has been ever since (apart from when I crashed the website twice, but that’s another story!)
Do you know if your customers include many home workers?
I have spoken to many home working customers who love the Rightbag website, as most of them have laptops or iPads that they have to move around with them for meetings or just when they want a change of scenery. I have tried to make the website as easy as possible for people to use, putting bag measurements on every product page, having great customer service and fast delivery. I really try to listen to all feedback that I receive, to help push the store forward and make it easier for people to find the product/s that they are looking for and checkout.
What do you consider makes a good bag for home working on the move?
Lots of pockets!! I myself work from home so I understand what it is like to have to carry laptops, papers, pens, train tickets etc. So in my opinion something with a snug laptop compartment and plenty of central room for papers, files, water etc plus some smaller pockets for train tickets, cash, phone.
What would you choose as your ultimate bag for going out and about on business?
I have two! The first is the Orla Kiely Tall Tote laptop bag which is made in the classic Multi Stem print, extremely well made and robust. This is a timeless investment piece that will compliment any outfit. My other favourite for packing everything in is the Krusell Gaia Laptop bag in Red, this has a lovely snug laptop sleeve and plenty of pockets and room for everything else you need to take with you.

Note: Sarah has now closed down her website.

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    How neat! Great interview. Love the photo too.

  2. Sharon says:

    Lovely bags, nothing for Android though 🙁

    • Judy says:

      Take heart, Android users – Sarah says ‘Good point! Unfortunately with a limited budget you can’t buy everything but its on the list for expansion’.