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Work from home jobs – direct selling

Ideas to work from home

Work from home jobs - Jan Olive, direct sellingJan Olive stumbled upon Usborne Books a few years ago and has made rapid progress in building her own work from home direct selling business:

Hi Jan, fill us in with a little background information
 I live in Somerset with husband and 18 year old son.  We are both self-employed and work from home, so are often ships that pass in the night but also are able to pop out for lunch together and meet at the radio for Pop Master at 10.30 if we are both working at home at that time!  He always beats me.
Tell us how you got into direct selling and how your business has developed
I joined Usborne Books at Home just over 3 years ago after a chance meeting with a party organiser at a market.  They offer a structure which allows for quick progression to Team Leader which I achieved within my first 12 weeks by recruiting other book sellers.  I now have two team leaders with me as well as a growing team of my own.  I support people across the UK and also in Europe as far afield as Spain and Slovakia.
Supporting my team has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time with Usborne.  I love seeing new Team Leaders grow in confidence has they build their own businesses.
Next step for me will be Group Leader and Usborne have set out a clear and achievable path for me to get there.
What has been your most memorable experience since starting your business?
In my first full year with Usborne Books at Home I won the annual travel award by being one of the top 25 sales people that year.  The prize was an amazing trip to Iceland with the management team and 24 other Usborne leaders.  When I started I never imagined that this would have been achievable from a start that consisted of receiving a box of lovely books in exchange for a joining fee of just £38.
I did it again last year and in April 2012 went to Florence & Rome.  I’m currently working towards going to New York next spring.  But Iceland will always be very special and memories of sitting in a hot tub in the middle of nowhere with 12 other ladies, surrounded by snow and watching out for the Northern Lights will stay with me forever.

Find out more about Jan and Usborne Books at her website

Jan will be back soon to explain more about the work from home benefits of direct selling and what you should look for if you’re thinking of joining a direct selling company.

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