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The home worker’s date

Creative time for home workers

Home worker date - The Artist's WayLike many home workers, I do recommend developing a routine to help you settle down to work, keep going for as long as you need to, and then switch off when your day is over. But the trouble with routines is that, depending on your personality, they can quickly or slowly become monotonous and depleting, the opposite of what they’re designed to achieve.

I get bored with routine quite quickly, I think, and so work in different places around the house, and at different times, but sometimes I need more of a change if my brain isn’t going to grind to a halt. There is currently an exhibition of portrait sculpture on in Bath, and it’s occurred to me to go during the week, to give my usual routine a kick up the backside and with luck get a shot of inspiration.

My reasoning is based on the ‘artist’s date’ that Julia Cameron made famous in her bestselling book The Artist’s Way. The aim of the book is to help artists of any kind – writers, painters, anyone wishing to create something – to get unblocked and allow the creative process to flow. Or in other words to overcome procrastination and apply oneself systematically to achieve a goal – exactly what home workers are doing all the time.

The artist’s date is a commitment to spend a couple of hours a week alone on an activity that has no other purpose than to give you pleasure and fuel your creativity. For example, go for a walk and pay attention to everything you pass, sit and look at the sea, browse in shops you wouldn’t normally go in, listen to music.

Would you allow yourself the time for a home worker’s date, on the basis that it’s an investment in yourself that will pay off with extra motivation? Do you already do something like that? If so, do you do it guiltily, and sometimes give it up due to pressure of work, or is it sacrosanct and a fixed part of your week?

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  1. The Artist’s Way is a must for anyone to read, artist or not.

    It’s about how to live in a world that isn’t safe, secure and stable, which is scary, so looking after yourself and what matters is the central hub of life.

    I liked the attitude of taking time to do what matters, what feeds you and makes you feel good, as doing that means the other stuff (like the washing, the admin and the accounts!) gets done a lot quicker as you have fed yourself first.

    There is a similar principle in Pay Yourself First, where you put aside money for what’s good for you long-term, and a bit of play money, before you do anything else.

    Thanks for this one Judy, it’s a good reminder on a Bank Holiday Monday when I’m working because most people aren’t so it’s quieter!

    • Judy says:

      I actually went to the sculpture exhibition on Saturday! So much on at the moment that my conscience wouldn’t allow a home worker’s date on a weekday.

  2. I came across the Artists Way by Julia Cameron towards the end of last year and since reading the book and diligently following the weekly tasks, I changed how I work and how and spent my free time.

    I have journals that I wrote every morning, and still continue to write most mornings now. Which Julia refers to as morning pages. Since completely the book and process I have finished two eBooks and am currently working on additional material. I have also come across so many other creative people and it has really opened my eyes and my world. I would definitely recommend this book.