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From the home working archives

From the home working archivesI’ve been blogging here for three years now, and occasionally I stumble on a post in the archives I’ve forgotten about and think would be really useful content to revive. Usually I just tweet about it, but today I’m going to provide links to three such posts, as I know I currently have some readers working from home ‘involuntarily’ due to the Olympics, who may not otherwise come across them.

I interviewed Rosie Slosek about how she maintains boundaries between personal and work life while running three businesses with her partner from one room, which is also the living room. Her ‘rules and tools’ are useful and thought-provoking whether you’ve just started to work from home, or have been doing it for a long time.

Home workers inevitably tend to spend chunks of time alone, and the danger is that this can lead to confidence spiralling downwards, resulting in an inferiority complex about what it’s possible to achieve. The best way to stay motivated and prevent our horizons shrinking is to spend time and create partnerships with other people, who often spot our potential better than we can ourselves.

One way of making sure you get enough contact with others is to regularly go out coworking, but it may feel like a huge shift to make if you’re used to the peace and quiet of your home office. The post that provided some tips on making the move from solo working to coworking was quoted and retweeted by some top coworking blogs, so I think the advice must be sound!

I hope these reruns are timely for you, and provide some inspiration to make home working more productive and more enjoyable. Let me know if you recall any other posts you’d like another look at, and I’ll dredge them up for you!

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