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Winners of home working snack competition

What's your favourite home working snack?A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition to win a Flavrbox tasting box. It closed on Friday and after a great deal of deliberation A and I chose three winners over the weekend. They are:

Jose Reyes, who made us want to go to the kitchen immediately to knock up this simple but delicious snack – ‘a nice toasted baton, or baguette will do, with lashings of butter and thinly cut tomatoes and even more thinly cut tuscan salami. I know it sounds more like lunch, but at 11 o’clock with a black coffee it’s simply perfect.’

Helen Burge, with an idea for a quick, tasty and healthy idea we can’t believe we’ve never thought of ourselves – ‘I toast sunflower and pumpkin seeds in a pan for a minute or two, then slosh in a dash of soy sauce and mix it around. Wait till they cool a little and munch in great big savoury handfuls! Takes no time.’

And Paul Cox for making us laugh out loud with his less virtuous and honest confession – ‘Has to be a cup of coffee with a whole packet of Jammie Dodgers for dunking.’

But it was very close, and you can see all the entries in the comments on the original Flavrbox competition blog post. I’d rather like the recipe for Corrina Gordon-Barnes’ home-made raw vegan strawberry cheesecake. Like Stuart Lambert we find Mrs Crimble’s macaroons addictive, and Fran Conroy has the good idea of putting dried fruit into porridge so it plumps up. And Sheree Lowe made us chuckle – ‘Chocolate coated corn flake cluster thingies. I didn’t go to the trouble of self-employment to die of boredom on apples’.

I hope you too have picked up some ideas to make your home working snacks more interesting and get out of the rut of buying the same old things week in, week out. Many thanks to Flavrbox for the prizes, and maybe the winners will let us know what they receive in their tasting box!

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  1. Fran Conroy says:

    Thanks for the mention Judy & congratulations to the winners 🙂 A little update on the porridge front – I had strawberries to use up today so popped those in … after a few minutes (cooling down time, porridge is sooo hot when freshly done) the strawberries had let go of lots of juice – very nice and no sugar required! Bonus! 😉

    • Judy says:

      Sounds good, Fran, but honestly how many years can you remember when you were still eating porridge when strawberries were in season? We’ll be popping them on top of mulled wine next :-/

  2. Jenny Hill says:

    hey girls, love helens idea of crunchy seeds. Sounds very tasty and something im going to have to try. i absolutley love soy sauce as well 🙂