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The biggest Jelly ever?

Shropshire Jelly United, the biggest Jelly ever?I’m feeling a bit wistful today, because up in Shropshire my two co-organisers of The BIG Jelly, Jan Minihane and Fay Easton, along with Fran Conroy, are organising what they think is the biggest ever Jelly to take place in the UK. (Not counting The BIG Jelly in March 2011, which was more of a conference than a Jelly).

Thanks to Jan, Jelly has enjoyed an unrivalled growth in Shropshire where there are now seven monthly Jelly groups that meet all over the county. Today Shropshire Jelly United is bringing together 50 Jellyers to celebrate over two years of successful Jellying – and above you can see just a few of them hard at work.

The Jelly is taking place in the 50 desk coworking space at Telford Enterprise Hub, the brand new hub opened earlier this week by Fay, and has attracted some new faces as well as Jelly regulars. There will be PC medics standing by to keep an eye on the wifi and help out any attendees with computer problems.

Each attendee will receive a gift from Richard Baldock of Desktag – a nameplate featuring their Twitter name, which can be used at future Jellys and of course any other events. And the Hub is providing home-made mid-morning cakes and Fay’s famous brown bag lunch, which was so well-received at The BIG Jelly.

Have a lovely day, Jelly folk, I hope some useful contacts are made and plenty of chat and advice exchanged!

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  1. Jan Minihane says:

    Hi Judy

    Thanks for the write up! So far it’s going very well, lovely buzz and lots of new business owners meeting new people – job done! 🙂

  2. Kay Heald says:

    Judy – I hope you feel here in spirit if not body – Fay and Lorraine have set up a super enterprise hub – it looks lovely, is full of wonderful daylight and yes, the sun is shining too!

    • Judy says:

      Thanks, Kay, having visited Enterprise HQ in Coalport and seen the photos of today’s Jelly, I feel I can imagine Fay’s new hub! Glad to hear it’s been such a good day.

  3. Fran Conroy says:

    Hi Judy,

    Great post – it really is as if you were here! The day is coming to an end now and it’s been brilliant – 4pm & still lots of tapping away on laptops and chattering… lots of work done & a big dose of socialising too!
    Long live Jelly UK 🙂

    • Judy says:

      Well done, Fran, you can enjoy the weekend in the knowledge you have made some Shropshire home workers very happy!

  4. Judy, you would have loved it! Lots of co-working and collaboration and just general catching up on life the universe and everything! Liked your newsletter the other day by the way :o)

    • Judy says:

      Oh, I would! It sounds like it was a fab day. Glad to hear you got your husband along to Jelly as well!

      Pleased you liked the newsletter, I think the new format is nice and crisp!

  5. Fay Easton says:

    Thanks Judy for your virtual presence in the build up and during the actual event for Shropshire Jelly United. It was fantastic having you involved and we really appreciated your presence. It really was the most amazing day, the energy in the room was palpable and the broadband held up thanks to PC Paramedics. Funniest comment of the day: picture the scene – on discussing with a Jellyite how on earth Lorraine managed to bake all the cakes, prepare 50 brown bag lunches and refill the coffee and tea machines 12 times (while I was prepping for the evening event and generally being useless just talking to people) – he said “I know how she does it, she’s cloned herself and there are really three Lorraines, there’s just no other explanation”. Superwoman am sure will be headhunted very soon, pray God she never leaves us!

    • Judy says:

      My pleasure, Fay, I could feel the positive vibes all the way down here in Somerset! What a wonderful launch for Telford Enterprise Hub.
      I think you and Lorraine have both found a secret source of Shropshire energy to tap into!