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Home worker on the move

Ali Davies - change coach & mentorAli Davies is one of the many interesting people I’ve met on Twitter and it was through her tweets that I found out she is planning to move from Ireland to Canada in the near future.

Hi Ali, what’s your family situation?
There are three of us. Me, my husband and our eight year old son – the three Musketeers!My husband is currently employed but part of our “design life” plans is for him to transition to being Self Employed too.

You moved from England to Ireland with your husband and son in 2006. What did you learn from the move?
We learnt that taking calculated risks, embracing change and being willing to take a leap of faith every now and then is liberating and delivers better results and more fulfilment than playing it safe all the time. As the SAS put it “Who dares wins”

What benefits did it bring?
It allowed us to live in an environment that better suited the type of life we really wanted to live. The benefits of that are massive on so many different levels.
And to live by the sea is a dream come true. After six years, the novelty still hasn’t worn off!

What has made you decide to make another major move?
The trigger for thinking about moving again was my husband having a serious car accident last year. It made us question a lot of things.
We did the “design life” process that we had done when we left the corporate world ten years ago again. This resulted in a new vision for our lives, which brought us to the decision to move on.
Ireland being pretty much a bankrupt country had an influencing factor too!!!

How far have you got with the planning, and when do you hope to make the move?
We sent off our immigration application in December. We got confirmation that we met the criteria in February and we are now being “processed.” That is likely to take a number of months. But we are hopeful that the move will be later this year.

What is Canada’s attitude to home workers who want to move there?
The part of Canada we are moving to, Vancouver, has a high proportion of people who work from home. So their attitude to new home workers moving there is very welcoming. They have a positive view of the contribution of Self Employed Professionals and home workers to the economy and community.

Ali Davies specialises in helping self employed professionals create change strategies to achieve the results they really want in their life and business. Thanks for telling us about your move, Ali, and good luck with it all. Naturally we’ll want to hear all about Vancouver in due course!

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  1. I adore Vancouver. Victoria nearby is just as wonderful and has the most incredible tea place. I’ve only been once nearly a decade ago and am still wistful.

    Oh, and the Aquarium with the rockhopper penguins, and the Capiliano Bridge… and….

  2. Ali Davies says:

    Thanks for all those suggestions Rosie. Will definately be trying them all out.

  3. Great to see more about your upcoming move Ali – exciting times indeed! My Mum lived in Toronto for a while, and I always loved my trips out to Canada, and was very impressed with Vancouver – a real ‘outdoorsy’ feeling even though it was a city. Hope all the official stuff goes smoothly for you 🙂

  4. Ali Davies says:

    Thanks Tanya. It is the outdoorsy feel of Vancouver that we really loved. All the benefits of being near a city and all the benefits of being surrounded by beautiful mountains and coast – the best of all worlds.