The challenges of starting to work from home

How is Katie getting on as she starts to work from home?

Starting to work from home, Katie Macdonald, VA, Virtually Does ItRecently VA Katie Macdonald told us why she decided to start to work from home and set up her own business, and what she’s looking forward to. Today she talks about her challenges and successes so far, and her aspirations for the future. Great logo by the way, Katie!

Do you have any apprehensions?  What do you think will be the biggest barriers?
I think my only apprehension at the moment would be a bit of ‘will the novelty wear off’?  I’ve been wanting to leave work and focus on my business for so long, that it might not turn out to be what I think. I know for that, fate is in my hands so I’ll be doing everything I can do make it work.  It’s also a huge life change, for the better, but I’m under no illusions that it will be hard work and probably take time. 

What challenges/ successes have you encountered so far as you’ve planned your business?
The success would have to be managing to build a sustainable platform to my business whilst also working full time (and building a house).  Part of me wonders how I ever managed to find the time, or the energy, but determination drove me on and I did it.  That confidence in what I have done so far has enabled me to think ‘I can do this’ on a good day (and ‘I must be mad’ on not such a good day!).

The challenge, ironically, would probably have to be the lack of time.  I’ve got so many ideas on how I would like to grow the business, and I just haven’t physically had enough hours in the day to do it.  
What are your aspirations, both how you work from home and professionally?
I’d like to be a name people talk about when they’re wanting business support.  Working with a VA is so much more than just sending them your typing, and I’d really like to show how a VA can be such a huge boost to businesses. 
As far as how I actually work from home; just to enjoy it. To enjoy the freedom and the choice to work when I want to, whilst fitting in other things that I enjoy (or am I looking at this through rose tinted glasses – time will tell!).

Katie runs Virtually Does It. She has now started to work from home, offering professional packages, support packages and help with virtual projects. Thanks again, Katie, and the best of luck in adapting to home working and developing your business. I hope you’ll let us know how it all works out!

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  1. Becca says:

    Working form home is really challenging. Kids can interrupt you while working. The challenge here is how you manage your time and make sure you were not disturbed of your kids.