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Good blogs for home workers

Where home workers can get inspired

Good blogs for home workersLast week I was delighted to get a mention in the very classy Hermann Miller blog Lifework, as No 5 in Top Ten: Best of the Web This Week. It’s prompted me to mention some good blogs home workers might like to check out for the work part of home working, to complement the personal interest blogs I wrote about recently.

As I’m sure you know, Hermann Miller make some of the best designed office furniture you can buy. Lifework features some amazing home offices, appliances and accessories to buy for the home office (although being American, they may not always be available in the UK) and interviews with home workers – many creatives and designers – about their work. They have a weekly playlist, something I’d never even attempt, as I prefer to work without music and besides, am totally clueless on the subject anyway.

Another place I’ve often visited for home office photos for my Pinterest page is the Workspace of the Week section of Like my Home Office Gallery, all the photos sent in are by home workers of their own home offices, not the bare, carefully styled spaces that can make us feel so inferior – or cross! So lots of ideas here that you can copy at home!

I’ve mentioned Barbara Winter before – she has a global reputation for her work with the self-employed, or ‘joyfully jobless’ as she prefers to call us! Her site of the same name offers advice and information on the theme of the journey of making a living without a job – a metaphor I’m sure many of us can relate to. Plenty of good browsing material for home workers here, including her Buon Viaggio blog, if you need a top up of inspiration during a quick break.

I’d love to know if you have a favourite work blog, as I’m always looking for good ones to share and for my own education!

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  1. Elena Anne says:

    This is a great list of blogs. Nothing better than getting every bodies opinion on some of these blogs. I will have to think a while and get back to you on my favorite blogs.

  2. Barbara Winters looks great. Thanks for the tip. Off there right now.