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How to promote a home business

How to promote a home businessToday’s guest post is by Flyerzone, who offer design and printing online, and looks at ways getting your home business known:

Promoting a home business can seem daunting, but really it just involves making a few adjustments to the marketing strategy for any other business. Basing your profession at home means you’re less immediately visible than some of the corporate players, making it more important than ever to make your voice heard.

Here are a few tips to get you started on promoting your home business:

Build a website
This is a no-brainer – every business needs a website, and if you’re selling stock from your home you’ve probably already looked into e-commerce and online payments. But even if you’re a service provider looking to promote yourself, a website is extremely valuable.
Make the design simple but memorable, with a sample portfolio for potential clients to browse. Start a blog and update it regularly – to begin with, why not talk about the experience of setting up a home business?

Invest in a bit of stationery
Networking is one of the cheapest and most reliable ways to get yourself noticed. Attend trade expos, local business seminars and launch events armed with business cards that have your home address, email, website and phone numbers on them.
Like your website, your cards should be easy-to-read but distinctive – contact a company like Flyerzone for help coming up with a design.

Think local
One advantage a home business has over bigger companies is that they tend to know their home market better. Forge links with local suppliers and others involved in your field as this ensures you’ll hear about opportunities more often. This also gives you the chance to lend your business the personal touch – if your clients are local, you can easily meet them in person.

Know your clients
The more you can demonstrate that you understand a client’s business and what you can offer to it, the more chance you have of getting work from them. Do your research thoroughly and think about how your unique skills and experience fit into a potential client’s services.

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