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New photo on the Home Office Gallery

How to share your own home office photo

View from my home office - Sheena RussellThe latest home office photo comes from Sheena Russell, who’s an executive PA with a fabulous view and a very unusual desk that you can see on the Home Office Gallery.

Would you like to feature in the Home Office Gallery, one of the most popular pages on the site? My recent home working survey showed that one of the main reasons people visit my site is to find out how other home workers get organised and do their work!

Lots of readers have commented that they find the gallery really inspiring and helpful in setting up or improving their own workspace, whether it’s a corner of the living room, on the landing, under the stairs or a dedicated space. You’ll get a link to your site, lots of tweets pointing more than 4000 Twitter followers to your photo, and a mention on my Facebook page.

Just email me a photo of your home office or the place where you work, the view, or maybe a favourite piece of equipment or something that inspires you, along with about 100 words telling us about it.

Look forward to seeing your workspace soon!

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25 Comments on "New photo on the Home Office Gallery"

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  1. Steven Papas says:

    Those guys really seem to know their ergonomics! Nothing really beats a nicely-arranged and seated home workstation to make money from. Cubicle work just doesn’t compare.

    You can tell the spaces they’ve set aside for themselves are truly made their own.

    • Judy says:

      I’m constantly amazed by the inventiveness of home workers in setting up workspaces to suit their homes and themselves.

  2. Dee says:

    Well, the view alone makes that office absolutely spectacular!

    We live in the Texas Hill Country and even tho we have panoramic views like that, I personally don’t have one, YET!! It’s one of my dreams..

    dee 🙂

    • Judy says:

      Good luck with achieving that, Dee. I’m interested in the small house movement for all sorts of reasons, but I think lots of us here in the UK probably already live in small houses by US standards! Shame the prices aren’t equally minimal 🙁

  3. Craig says:

    If I really strain my eyes and look past the scaffolding and flats around my office window I can just about see a tree and a field. You have a great view makes me jealous 😉

  4. Thanks! I consider myself extremely fortunate to enjoy such a lovely view and to be able to watch the changing seasons. It makes life seem alot less frantic that it otherwise might!