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Home working cat

Are you working today or have you started your Easter break? Either way, I thought it would be a good day for a little home working humour! How do your pets ‘help’ you work from home?

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  1. Hi Judy – thank you for the giggle. Today in my quest to get better at blogging and into the social media scene, I realised I was taking things far too seriously. While chuckling at Simon’s Cat, my own cat, Harriet, came in and did exactly the same (short of pulling out the wires). So pets definitely help to remind you to take a break … people are much more productive if they have a proper break every 90 minutes. The danger in working from home is that you can spend hours slogging away at your computer … thank you Judy and thank you Harriet!

  2. Judy says:

    No danger of being serious for too long when there’s a cat around! I miss that. Glad I brightened your day, Ali 🙂