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Boatworking with Archie on the canal

Boatworking with Archie on the canalArchie Workman is one of the many wonderful home workers I’ve met on Twitter.

He tweeted to tell me that for part of each week he is a narrowboat worker!

Archie is a business adviser and mentor to small companies.

He entertains prospective clients onboard as a way of helping them to see their business in a different light.

Naturally I was curious to learn more so we had a quick chat.

Archie, tell me about a typical day aboard your narrowboat

‘I pick up my visitors from Stafford station, the nearest mainline station to Norbury Junction, where the Whyayeman is moored on the Shropshire Union Canal.

We chug off for lunch at a canalside pub, about an hour’s trip at 2 or 3 mph, and I give them a go at steering while we chat. I have to keep a close eye, mind you, because it’s not like steering a car, just a second’s distraction and you can be in the bank!

People wind down very quickly over a nice refreshing Cumbrian ale, it only takes an hour or so. Everyone here is very friendly, which can come as a huge relief when you’re used to the stresses of running a business.

As businesspeople we’re all playing a game and I help people to think differently to find different ways of playing it.

When our day is over we decide whether I can help them or whether they’d be better speaking to someone else. I’ve done a lot of linking people together while working for an RDA and Invest in Cumbria.

We had the first Cumbria Jelly in Barrow recently. I don’t think anyone got any work done, there was so much talking going on! But that’s what you need when you work at home, someone else to talk to or it’s easy to over-think and lose perspective.’

Archie is known as The Floating Mentor, and is well-known for his lateral thinking.

You can see the shipshape interior of the Whyayeman on the Outdoor and Mobile Home Offices Gallery.

Archie talks about the refreshments he serves his guests in Home working snacks on the canal. Tea and Tunnocks, steak and ale, it’s not a bad life on board!

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  1. Luna says:

    Running a business really is very stressful.. I really love to learn more from him.. 🙂

  2. Elena Anne says:

    That is definitely the way to do business. It seems like Archie understands all the stress that business owners go through and just wants to relax whenever he gets the chance. Instead of always working to hard to stress yourself out on the job.