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Mobile working – how clean is your car?

How clean is your car?Well, I never thought I’d ever be writing on the subject of cars! But now that there are so many locations with wifi – libraries, coffee shops, coworking spaces, hotel foyers etc – many home workers are also mobile workers. And often it’s a car that provides the mobility.

So what interests me is whether you view your car purely as a means of getting from A to B or whether you think it impacts on your image.

After I sold my cleaning business and started working as a business adviser I changed my wardrobe from jeans to suits, but for a while I still had the elderly Renault 5 that had been such a workhorse for ferrying around vacuum cleaners. However, it didn’t seem quite so appropriate in my new role, so until I could get a new car I used to park it a distance away from my destination and walk the rest of the way!

But that doesn’t necessarily work in all situations – for example, you might get smartened up and pop along to a networking meeting, not expecting your car to feature in the process at all. But then you get talking to somebody who might be very helpful for your business. Before you know it you’ve discovered they are heading in the same direction after the event and you’ve offered to give them a lift. Or maybe you’d like to, but are too embarrassed by the fizzy drinks bottles and crisp packets?

Do you always keep your car clean and tidy or do you regard dirty paintwork and clutter on the floor as the sign of a healthy family life? Do you think anyone cares?

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  1. Brian says:

    I definitely care. I think it’s a sign of sloppiness and laziness to have a filthy car (one that looks like mine). Yes, I’m sloppy and lazy at times and those attributes manifest themselves in my not being able to give anyone a ride, unless they ask on the day I’ve cleaned out the car. Un fortunately, the odds of someone catching me on such a day are about 1 in 30

    : )

  2. Judy says:

    I’m ashamed to say that since we’ve lived at the mill and I’ve parked my car close to the river, not only is it muddy from driving down the lane, but it’s actually starting to sprout moss in places! Handing it over to the car cleaners in Asda car park is becoming very tempting.

  3. eJean1981 says:

    I approve of clean cars, I really do. But somehow, with toting kids and their gear around, things just seem to accumulate. Martial arts weapons, canned goods for the food pantry, clothing to drop at the thrift shop. Some days I have trouble fitting the kids in, let alone giving someone a lift.