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The write way to raising your home business profile

Writing can enhance your home business

Leda Sammarco, raising your home business profile
Leda Sammarco is a writer’s coach who has recently written and self-published her first book Finding the Gold: One girl’s search for her purpose in life, an inspirational memoir with self-help elements. I’m delighted to say today’s post is the first in a series on how writing can enhance your home business.

One of the challenges of running a home business is promotion. What this really means is finding engaging and creative ways to tell people about you and your services and their benefits. Writing is a powerful medium, particularly if you write a book. Writing a book can create opportunities in a number of different ways:

Professionally it can position you as an expert among your clients and peers. You will find that it gives you credibility and gravitas. If you wish to start building a platform and raising your profile then a book will help you to get speaking engagements and give you a product to sell afterwards. You can also use it to generate media opportunities. All of this can help new clients to come your way. You can even use it as a calling card taking it to key meetings or using it to open doors to people you might like to meet. If you have an overall vision for your home business, then you can communicate that via the message in your book.

Personally it is a wonderful way to share your knowledge, expertise and personal experiences and to express your creativity. It is an achievement and may be something you have always wanted to do – around 80% of people say they would like to write a book one day!

Planet-wise it will allow you spread ideas creating change and transformation. Remember that a book reaches many more people than you ever could alone. Plus self-publishing has now come into its own, so you don’t have to go the traditional route, and social media means you can connect directly with your readers. When you share your experiences and knowledge, you make the personal universal and people can relate to and learn from your journey. Your book becomes part of your life’s legacy.

As with anything you just have to get started. You may decide to start small with blog posts and articles about your home business before seeing if you have a book inside you. Whatever you do you’ll be amazed at where your writing journey can take you. Enjoy it!

Leda Sammarco empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to write their first book. She offers coaching, mentoring and developmental editing and works with authors in a partnership way to help them write their book and get it out into the world. In future posts Leda will cover what to write about (which really starts with why) and the importance of structure and how to put a piece of writing together.

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    This is an excellent post as I’m currently working on writing my own similar sort of book. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Kaitlyn. I really enjoyed reading about what you learned from your mum – I particularly like number 3! Good luck with your book.

  2. Judy says:

    Sounds exciting, Kaitlyn – make sure you keep us informed on progress 🙂