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Serving your home business customers with CRM

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Today’s guest blog deals with the crucial topic of looking after your home business customers:

As anyone who works in customer service will tell you, this is an often underrated role that can be vital for the success of a company. The quality of customer service a company of any size offers can make all the difference as to whether a particular individual or organisation gives you their business.

CRM (customer relationship management) is a well-established method of engaging with customers and it can also have other benefits for organisations, such as helping them increase revenue or improve efficiency. With software and computing becoming more affordable, CRM systems are no longer reserved for multinationals. There are more systems than ever suited to SME’s and home businesses, allowing enterprises of all sizes to now benefit.

If you use CRM, you should always bear in mind that while the software can be massively useful for a range of processes, how it serves the customer is the most important aspect. One of the ways you can ensure this happens is to use your CRM system to analyse different aspects of the company. For example, you could produce a report based on customer feedback to make sure their views are taken into consideration in everything you do.

CRM systems can also help you to engage with home business customers more efficiently. A good example of this is the ability to group your customer contacts into different groups depending on their preferences and characteristics. This can help your home business to target marketing more effectively, which can help your customers to feel more valued – after all, they are far more likely to appreciate an email newsletter that is relevant to their specific interests rather than a generic update sent to your entire database (although these also have their place).

Finally, CRM solutions can be applied to help you improve customer relations, such as by using your software to track the progress of sales. Here, you can record vital information and make sure you always have the relevant customer details to hand so that your service is targeted, personalised and designed to bring the best possible benefits to all parties involved in a particular activity.

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  1. matt says:

    Hey, I am aware of some of the more premium CRM suites for larger companies. But what options do home businesses actually have?

    • Judy says:

      Well, Sage provided this guest post, and we use Infusionsoft, marginally at the moment, but we intend to work up to bigger and better things!

  2. Ian Zafra says:

    I agree with you Judy. That when it comes to crm, it serves as an aid for you and your customers in building relationships with them and giving out the best possible benefits that will be beneficiary to both parties.