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More home working survey results

Home working survey resultsWe saw in the previous post about the home working survey results that home workers are generally happy with their situation. Let’s concentrate a little more on numbers today, with the answers to the less subjective questions.

My survey responses were mainly from women – 70% – which tallies exactly with my likes on Facebook. The majority were from UK home workers – 63%, again the same proportion as Facebook – with 11% from the US, 5% from France and Greece (thanks, French Jelly ladies and Mammas Work at Home!) and a handful from Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Germany and Reunion.

When asked about their motivation for working from home, the top five reasons were:

To cut costs 22%
To spend more time with family 18%
To reduce travelling time 13%
For a better lifestyle 12%
To be my own boss/control my environment 11%

Other reasons included redundancy, less hassle, better productivity and not being able to find full-time work, the mixture of choice and lack of choice that you’d expect with the economy as it is.

Asked how effective they think they are at working from home, the answers show we’re also pretty happy with our performance:

29% said very effective
51% good
16% average
only 4% below average
and nobody not very effective at all!

What a competent bunch we are 🙂

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  1. I’m surprised by the low score for ‘a better lifestyle’ (only 12%). Surely this is the one big difference with joining the rat-race of metro-office-stress-bosses-unpleasant colleagues et etc. We home workers are liberated from all that!

    • Judy says:

      Yes, it does seem on the low side, Simon, but maybe people only appreciate all the benefits once they are working from home? I think often there are quite a few anxieties when people start out – worries about whether they really can work at home etc.