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Swap to green energy and benefit your home business

Swap to green energy and benefit your businessMost home-based business owners know that switching to green energy benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and slowing the rate of climate change. However, did you know that turning to one of the growing number of sources of renewable energy in the UK could also have great returns in it for you as well?

If you operate a home-based business, you probably have a combined energy bill, and switching to a renewable company can help you generate the right amount of clean energy to power both your living space and your work space. This is because renewable energy companies create pollution-free energy which, over time, comes at lower rates than companies that continue to burn fossil fuels as a source of electricity.

In fact, the “Which?” customer satisfaction survey for 2012 named a 100-percent renewable energy company, Good Energy, as the top supplier in the UK. But the advantages for your home business don’t end there; renewable energy is also a more stable source of power, which means that you as a customer are less likely be subjected to price fluctuations due to political and geographical conflicts over petrol.

In addition, renewable energy creates a unique kind of marketing opportunity for home-based businesses. In a market that is not always kind to the “little people” marketing your company as a green business can actually win you more customers and portray you as a more reliable, more responsible merchant than your competitors. Becoming a green business through the use of renewable energy will also help you forge relationships with other suppliers and vendors in your industry who are also green.

Just because your business is home-based doesn’t mean that you can’t be on the cutting edge of the newest entrepreneurial developments. Many home business owners consider swapping to green energy to be one of the most effective ways to get ahead of the energy trends and learn the ins and outs of how everyone will eventually power their businesses and homes.

Now that you have all the details, consider making the switch today by finding a renewable energy company that can provide the service that you need.

Go green and save home business cash

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  1. One overlooked benefit of setting up your home office to use renewable energy is the public relations aspect of doing so. Not only can it be used as an “angle” to introduce a new home business to the community via a press release but it can also serve to be used as a selling point with with those clients who are environmentally conscious.

    • Judy says:

      Very good point. Our lettings agent not only does this but has also called her business Greener Lettings to make it her USP. Seems to be working.