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Home working in the firing line again

Judy Heminsley's home officeI’m not sure whether to be grateful or not to Alex Johnson, Mr Shedworking himself, for alerting me via Twitter to another blast at home working and home workers.

This time it’s Janet Street-Porter writing in the Daily Mail in the usual ‘I don’t like it so it’s obviously bad for everybody’ strain.

As I’ve been too busy this morning to get round to writing this until after midday, I don’t particularly recognise her description of home workers who ‘log onto the internet, play games, have a bit of a chat online, buy a few dvds or fishing gadgets, and do everything but actually work.’

Is that you? If so, please do share your secret as the rest of us would love to know how it pays the mortgage and supports our families.

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  1. judy says:

    Susie Lomax responded to this article on Facebook and I like her comment so much I’ve copied it here:

    ‘I have just read the article by Janet. It’s Brilliant! I particularly like the sentence “If we’re sent home, then our families will suffer and we’ll be lonely”. If I was writing a response to her I would say. Dear Janet it’s Monday 6am. The sound of high heels in the cold going to work has woken me from the street below. I grin and return to sleep for another hour. Later that morning I realise how blissful it is to work wih music in the background. I pop down to my favourite cafe for a flat white, some warm smiles & a bit of writing. I skype, I feel more blissful, in fact my day is my own. Even the dog I am intending to get grins at me. Creating my own day has never ben so good. So dear Janet, relax & when you do, please write another article.’

  2. I fear reading the article would annoy me far too much, so I’m reacting to the hearsay. But if Ms Street Porter suggests that her family would suffer if she was home more then I applaud her honesty. Dysfunctional and unhappy home life is often hidden behind shame – well done to her for admitting her problems.

    Maybe she assumes the rest of us are as much in need of family therapy?

  3. I sometimes don’t get round to working until after midday and I do online chat and I do actually buy fishing gadgets online but I also manage to run my business perfectly well with a thing called flexibility which means when most people are getting fat on their sofa watching TV I am back to work on projects that require the peace that a time slot of 9 until midnight allows. Furthermore I am not distracted by office workmates asking me if I saw last night’s episode of “My brain’s turned to porridge because I watch too much TV”. Please excuse me but I have some fishing gadgets to order. I do love you though Janet!

    • judy says:

      Hi Alex, sorry to take you away from the tackle shopping 🙂 I do think the article spectacularly misses the point, but your loyalty to Ms S-P is admirable. Happy evening shift!

  4. popelix says:

    Hi Judy! Are you referring also to I first read a greek translation of it, kind of an abstract which left even worse impression.

    My comment was “they seem to force them to home-work in that company…”.

    Greetings from cold & rainy Athens!

    • judy says:

      Hi, Kalliopi, no, I hadn’t read that article till you pointed it out. It’s probably the ‘new study’ J S-P refers to in her article. Well, we all know studies and stats can tell you anything you like!

      I do believe it all comes down to understanding your own personality so you can get the best out of home working whatever your circumstances, and if you’re not prepared to put in any effort, you’re best staying in the office!

      I’m always amazed at the ferocity of attacks on working from home, but I suppose that’s just how newspapers think they sell more copies – moderation is boring!