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Home working good days, home working bad days

Home working good days, home working bad daysAre you having a good day? Yesterday I had half and half. The first job on my list, to transfer some money online, should have taken seconds but the pages wouldn’t load. After several attempts I didn’t know whether the transaction had taken place at all or if I’d done it multiple times, which would have had a catastrophic effect on my balance. (Do banks have systems in place to stop this? I’d rather not have to find out).

So I called the technical helpline and after a short wait I at least knew the transaction hadn’t happened, but not why or how to improve the situation. After repeated failed attempts resulting in a blank screen, tech hero A decided it was time to check out our broadband, having experienced several similar problems recently.

Which involved a lengthy wait for a web chat with a BT adviser. Ever tried this web chat lark? You think you’re typing perfectly clear questions, but the answers that come back seem designed to ever so slightly evade the issue until you are longing to type in JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION OK! After unhooking everything and doing some diagnostics, the answer was that in fact our broadband is better than even BT claim. Ah. Better keep quiet about that.

While poor A was tied up with this life-draining stuff I decided to tackle the piles of papers lurking on and around my desk. I cleaned the desk, keyboard and monitor, and do you know, I suddenly felt purposeful again and ready to finish my long-neglected accounts. And then, just before we went out for our daily fresh air, I had one last try at the money thing…and it worked!

So in the end, although my first job wasn’t finished till gone 3 pm and my iDoneThis entry for the day was a trifle thin, I’d made some significant progress. What have your best and worst home working days been like?

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