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Top technology tools for home workers, part 3

Francesca Geens, Digital Dragonfly, Top Technology ToolsIn the final part of her write-up of San Sharma’s Top Tech Tools Francesca Geens describes San’s bonus, plus a couple of her own favourite top technology tools.

13 Top Technology Tools – numbers 11 to 13

11. ifttt: San’s bonus to the list was completely new to me and a great little service that lets you automate various tasks. If This Then That lets you set triggers and actions. So if you would like to save the photo you take with Instagram to your Dropbox account you can. Simply look at their list of top automations to pick the ones that would save you time.

Personally I only use 3 of the above on a daily basis (Dropbox, Twitter and Buffer) so don’t feel overwhelmed if there are unfamiliar names on the list. Best to use just one effectively than set up accounts with lots and then loose track of what you are storing where!

I am all for keeping thing simple and try to use as little as possible to do what I need to do. The following 2 are essential daily tools for me:

12. Office365: this is how I manage my emails, calendar and contacts. Office365 is a recently launched service from Microsoft which offers Exchange Online to sync all your data across as many devices as you like. I have Outlook on 3 different laptops at home (all different sizes- I am in tech, remember!) and also manage my calendar, contacts and emails on my phone. Sometimes when I am working on the go I will borrow a laptop and access all my data through an Outlook browser app. This will cost you a few pounds a month and is available for both Mac and PC users.

13. 1Password: another essential for me- password management software so you never need to remember your passwords. Sloppy password management will make you vulnerable to hackers so its important to keep strong and different passwords for everything. Spending some time setting up this software is a great way to protect yourself and save time from having to reset passwords when you can’t remember them! Again not a free one but in this case also worth paying.

I hope this list of 13 top technology tools proves useful in saving you time – if there is anything we’ve left off the list leave a comment and let us know how you use technology to save you time.

Francesca Geens founded Digital Dragonfly to help tiny businesses with their IT and technology. She is especially interested in productivity and the use of top technology tools to improve people’s day-to-day business lives.

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