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work from home breakI’ve been away for much of the last 10 days, enjoying Cornwall in early autumn and then brushing up my marketing skills in London. Here’s a quick pick of information useful for home workers and freelancers to break my blog silence:

Pinterest has been in the news this week. Apparently it’s considered one of the hottest new online startups, so one you’re likely to hear a lot more about. It’s described as ‘a visual bookmarking site used primarily by women’, but if that means nothing or sounds utterly dreary, take a look at my Work from Home Offices board, where I pin images from the web related to home offices and their accoutrements. It’s simple, fun and a great way to share extra visual content that might not fit too well on your website or blog.

I’m just planning the next ‘How to Work from Home – The Inside Guide’ event that’s happening at Central a week on Thursday. You may well know San Sharma from #watercoolermoment on Twitter or WorkSnug and he’s our special guest for Top 10 Tech Tools to save Time. As a keen early adopter and fluent translator of geek-speak he’s the perfect person to tell us less IT-savvy folk what works and what’s worth investing in. Don’t forget to book your place – previous meet-ups have resulted in some big wins for participants, so don’t miss out.

Better get on with my catching up – happy pinning and don’t forget to tell me if you start your own board. San and I hope to see you next week to talk tech!

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