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WorkSnug podcast on working from home

The Snug Office - working from home podcastOn my last trip to London, for the ‘How to Work from Home – The Inside Guide’ meet-up, San Sharma, the community manager of WorkSnug, invited me along to The Snug Office. I was delighted to discover the office is in Limehouse, not far from where I was staying, and even had plans to walk there along the Thames Path.

But it was not to be – it started to rain just before I set out, so I took the DLR and got off at Limehouse, confident I had the route well planned. En route I spotted a path by the canal that looked much more scenic than the main road and appeared to lead more directly to my destination. Bad idea. I somehow ended up walking in a circular route around the street I was looking for, getting rather wet in the process.

I was finally rescued by a passer-by who saw me peering at my A-Z. Good thing, as Dod St has no street sign so otherwise I may well have passed it by. There seems to be a moral in my sad story, but I can’t quite think what it is.

I finally squelched into San’s office (and very nice it is too) where he made me tea, fed me croissants and let me gently steam. There was a point to all this soggy urban tramping – here’s the podcast we made about working from home and where to go when home is less appealing. I think you can tell we were having fun as we made it:

Snug Sound #2: Working from home (mp3)

You may have come across San wearing his other hat at Bitsy’s #watercoolermoment on Twitter, where he presides over an unruly bunch of home workers at a virtual coffee break from 11 to 12 each weekday.

Come and meet him in person at the next How to Work from Home group at Central on 29 September, when he’ll be passing on the benefits of being a very early adopter and explaining the best tech tools to save time and money in language even the least techie home worker – that’s me – can understand!

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  1. margaret says:

    nice little chat to listen to Judy, you are so articulate. Mx